Friday, March 13, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #63: Beezy Tarts' Lychee Coconut

What does a lychee smell like? Taste like? Look like?!
Beezy-Tarts' Lychee Coconut
Cold Rating6.5/10
Lit Rating: 7.5/10
Throw Rating7.5/10
Overall Rating7.5/10; great throw, as I have come to expect with 99% of tarts from Mr. Beezy. Coconut smell is quite sweet, a little tropical but toned down/mellowed up? by the lychee. Bathroom melts are the perfect place for super fruity scents like this one. Never cutting scent shots in half. Never seeing lychee in its natural habitat, IE; the grocery store. Not knowing what a lychee looks like if it hit me in the face. Needing more frequent restocks from this vendor. Having recently been put off by coconut scents in winter, but waiting to melt until Spring is a pain. Lychee is a funny word. Smashing my thumb with a hammer trying to break open a coconut when I was younger. :P


  1. LOL --the grocery store = natural habitat! Beezy does need to stock more! And this weather went straight to summer for us over the last two days. Bring on more coconuts! Have a great weekend Lauren!

    1. YUCK TO EARLY SUMMER. It is 90 here right now. TEARS.

      Coconuts are okay, though. I'm thinking a margarita at 5, wanna come? ;)
      Have a great weekend!! <3

  2. This sounds so cool! My great uncle has a lychee nut farm and they are weird little boogers. Mostly hard seed surrounds by a thinish layer of soft pink fruit. I have only had them a few times. Can't recall the scent. You have me dying to try this. I hear ya about not cutting scent shots. Life's too short.

    :-/ busted your thumb?! No fun!!! Did you get anything out of it???

    1. Weird boogers!? LOL! I would love to crack one open and try it! Agreed on the life's too short, it only works with scent shots, though. Those muffs gotta be cut, yo!

      Yes, I smashed my thumb with a hammer, LOL! Silly kid I was. I don't recall, I was too pissed to try the coconut after. :P


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