Saturday, March 28, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: March 2015 A Box, Indied Review!

I really like indie nail polish. It's fun to support smaller companies who have awesome ideas about what a polish should be and how they should look! A Box, Indied is a monthly subscription box of sorts that caught my eye on Instagram from Llarowe's page. A bunch of indie polish vendors are featured each month in a themed box. Now, unlike most subscription boxes, you can't just buy 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. You have to be prepared to push the "GO!" button in your mind when they go on sale, because as far as I know, these boxes go quick! When I saw the March box featured tons of vendors I have always been curious about, I pounced. For $50 (this price includes shipping), I got 5 full sized polishes, so each lacquer falls between between $8 and $10, depending on how you figure shipping. Let's take a look inside the March box!!
This whole thing came in a really lovely, longer box with a cute sticker. Very nice packaging on the outside. I am going to re-purpose this box for something, methinks.
Tissue paper wrapped its contents on the inside...
...and the first thing that greeted me was this lovely card detailing what brands were inside the box. On the reverse side, instructions for a delicious looking St. Patrick's Day cocktail!
Each polish was individually wrapped in this bulky, weird tissue paper, but I loved how it was done this way with this material. Everything felt super protected in these tiny little packages!
Like I mentioned, each polish is wrapped in this weird material and taped onto each is a printed label for what brands are enclosed. Onward!
Pahlish's Fields of Gold is right up my alley! You know I love anything gold, and look at this one. LOOK AT IT. Stare into its eyes. Hypnotic, ain't it?! Packed with metallic gold glitter, this would be blinding in 2-3 coats, I'm sure. LOVE this. I am seriously obsessed with getting all of the gold polishes!!!!!~~
Girly Bits' Serendipity is a gorgeous dusty rose, bronzey, silvery, goldy polish that looks like it may have a bit of texture to it and some holographicness as well. Not my favorite off the nail, but I think it will be a stunner when it's applied to the nails, almost like jewelry! Dripping with shimmer, this might shock me.
Contrary Polish's is a brand I had never heard of before this box. Shamrock & Roll is a beautiful green jelly polish with gold flecked glitters. This is the perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any other holiday or occasion requiring a splash of green. In a couple of coats, I have a feeling this will be opaque and brilliant looking, though it seems runny right out of the bottle. Love this one! it's not so dark that it'd stain the nail, but not light enough that you'd not notice it was green (does that make any sense?).
That. Holo (minus the messy background). Though. I have always had my eye on Colors By Llarowe for a long time, mainly because that's the site where you can buy tons of indie polishes you want, whenever you want. Uhh, how awesome it that!? Magically Delicious is an amazing purple with the flashy holo, so sparkly. What else could ya want? The purple is darker than my liking for my skin tone, but I will still like it, I think!
Glisten & Glow apparently has one of the best, most coveted top coats in all of polish. Endless Rainbows is a purple-leaning pink holographic polish with some seriiiiious shiny shimmering. I LOVE this color, it's perfect for me and what I like. I can't wait to use this in a nail art manicure paired with some KBShimmer holos.
That's all, folks! Have you ever bought A Box. Indied? Have you ever tried any of these brands? Anything jump out at you?

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  1. What a great subscription box! I wish you could order anytime though and not have to pounce. I feel like (much like vendor wax) the indie polishes can be hard to snag sometimes. I love that the pink one is called Serendipity! Wax and polish collision! Those colors are gorgeous! I can't wait to see them on your nails!


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