Monday, March 2, 2015

Random Post: February 2015 Favorites!

Once upon a time, I made YouTube videos.
Did I love making them? Sure, sometimes. Were they easier than blog posts? In some respects, hell yes. Did I get the same kind of gratification from them as I do with blogging? No. Did I get to interact with people like I do here? Yes, but it was different. Do I like blogs better? Yes, yes I do.

I don't know what the point of all this was, but one of the things I miss doing from my YouTube days are favorites lists! Well, who says I can't make one on here?! So today, I am bringing you my February 2015 favorites from all across the realms of stuff, not just wax and candles! If you like these, you may see them more. :)
*2015 Plum Paper Planner: A lot of my waxy pals have an Erin Condren Life Planner, which is really cool, but the price point is much more. When I saw that the Plum Paper Planners were a bit cheaper and also had cute designs (featuring OWLS, NO LESS!), I was hooked. Josh bought me this planner as a Christmas present and it has taken all my might to use it. I leave it on my desk and try my best to fill it out at the end of each week for the next. There is a weird casting color to this photo, the owls are actually light blue, not green.
*Planner Kate's stickers and washi tape: I have followed Planner Kate on Instagram for a while, but always as a lurker, never as a purchased. That changed when I got a planner, duh! LOL! I have only placed one order, but she had these really cool heart and star stickers that I knew I needed to use in my planner. Also, she offers washi tape grab bags cut specifically for either Erin Condren or Plum Paper planners. Neat! I love her labels, too.
*Roku 3: For Valentine's day, Josh bought me a Roku 3! We have been rocking the ooooooooooooold school model for the last 5-6 years or so, and the speed was considerably slower than we wanted. Plus, it took forever to search for anything on the crappy Netflix "app," if you can all them that on the old version. #FirstWorldProblems, eh? We toughed it out, though, and loved it regardless. The remote had been a bit fidgity, not always responding to what we want it to do. Let me tell you, if you have any inclination about getting a Roku 3, DO IT. NOW. YESTERDAY, if possible. Holy moly, this thing is FAAAST! Lightning fast! It has a lot of different, upgraded features that are relatively self explanitory, plus, it comes with a WIRELESS HEADPHONE JACK IN THE REMOTE, so if Josh is sleeping, I can watch TV and not disturb him and vice versa. Such a great investment!
*Ellagee's Dia de los Muertos bracelet: Ellagee is one of my favorite indie polish vendors. She is always creating such unique polishes! Lately, she has branched out to include magnets, night lights, small jewelry and liquid latex for a flawless, no mess around the cuticles manicure. When I saw this Dia de los Muertos bracelet in her shop, I knew I had to have it. For $3.50, it doesn't get much better! I waited for a while until there were enough things I wanted to buy to justify shipping. It's a little bit on me, which is unusual for my arthritis-ridden wrists, but hey, I ain't complainin'!
*Zoya's Lolo nail polish: Only one vowel away from my nickname, this uber pink, slightly shimmery polish is increeeeeeedible. I am all about the bold, and this pink is electric. It looked awesome on my nails. Some bright pinks don't look great on my coloration (is this the right word? lol), but there were no issues with this one. Love!
*Butter London's Slapper nail polish: Julie from The Redolent Mermaid gave me this polish last year and I thought a bandit made off with it since I couldn't find it. Lo and behold, it turned up one day and I promptly used it. UGHHHH it is fabulousssss. I even tried to give it back to her because I thought she might want its amazingness back! LOL. What a wonderful blue/green/teal color.
*Liquid Sky Lacquer's XTC nail polish: Another bright pink polish with shimmers and my horrible attempt at a "bottle shot." This one was incredible. Fast drying, bright, shiny, I only wish I had bought the big bottle!
*KBShimmer's Clearly On Top Quick Dry Top Coat: Seche Vite has lost its charm, unfortunately. It is a royal pain in the ass once you've used half of the bottle. It gets gunky, stringy, and even with Seche Vite Restore, I haven't noticed a darn bit of difference. In search of another top coat, I saw that my all-time favorite indie polish vendor had a topper AND was quick drying! I waited until they launched their Spring 2015 polishes and added it to my order. I am in love.
*China Glaze's Passion nail polish: This polish has been sitting on my desk for a year. A YEAR. Why, I have no idea. I bought it to use with my nail stamping plates, which I had soured on a bit, but I used it in a manicure combined with the polish below and am re-convinced. If you've followed this blog for a while, you'll know I LOVE GOLD. This's hard to describe how amazing it is. Shimmer, but not glittery, sparkly, but not annoying, it was perfect in 2 coats, but I used 3 to get rid of some streaking.
*Pacifica's Red Red Wine nail polish: I have also mentioned on another polish post I tend to stay away from dark colors, like deep reds and blues, because they take a loooooot of skill to use and are a lot of work to clean up if you mess up. I received this Pacifica polish in a PopSugar Must Have box some months back and was hesitant. Well, I decided to combine this with the above China Glaze to make a pattern using my stamping plates...
...and this was the result! I am covering up the HORRIBLE mistakes on 2 fingers, but 3/5 ain't bad! Minus some minor clean-up (I should have used my liquid latex, d'oh!), I loved this look and will try and redo it eventually!!
*Paddywax's Ocean Tide + Sea Spray candle: Another PopSugar Must Have item. I held off on burning this because I was afraid I wouldn't like it as much as it smelled on cold sniff. Boy, was I wrong! This little candle is PHENOMENAL.The smell is sweet, oceany, wonderful. As you can see, it is almost gone, sadness! I will buy another one eventually since unfortunately, Paddywax candles are a bit expensive. But hey, quality over all, right? There is a bit of sooting around the top even with wick trimming, but it's hardly noticeable.
*Dolce Gabbana's Light Blue: It took me a while to dive into this sample (from Sephora), but once I did, I got hooked. I NEED this perfume in my rotation like I need air. It smells amazing! There was a fragrance list based on your zodiac sign on Influenster the other day and, whaddaya know, Light Blue was for Taurus! Sounds like fate to me. Anyone know where to get this stuff for cheap?
*First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream: I received this in a subscription box, too, and I sort of love it. It doesn't smell too weird like some creams do (I notice even unscented ones smell funky sometimes). Plus, you can use this all over the body! I have used it on my face, hands, arms, feet and legs to make them feel more moisturized, and haven't definitively made a decision about it. I have a problem remembering to use creams at night, especially since I tend to do things before I go to sleep like play games or do crossword puzzles, so it's mostly my fault that there's no consistency to my routine. This container doesn't take up too much room on my desk so it's easy to see right there!
*Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Minis: What would a favorites post be without some food products?! These little tiny Reese's are the bomb diggity, no doubt. Unwrapped, a better ratio of peanut butter and chocolate (IMO), plus, the bag isn't too big! I am trying to save these for a recipe but am having a hard time. ;)
*Brooklyn Hard Candies, Peppermint flavor: I love hard candies any time of the year. In fact, more than sometimes, I prefer hard candies to chocolate. Peppermints are also my favorite flavor, so these are a wonderful treat. Plus, they came in this cute little glass jar from one of my Treatsie orders!
Do you like "favorites" posts? Would you like to see these posts once a month? What were your favorite products in February?


  1. LOVE your favorites post!! You can probably score Light Blue in the cheap at, fragrance net, or even Marshall's/TJ Maxx. I have a CFTKR Light Blue tart :-)

    Your planner is super cute! I hope you can get it into your routine more. I wish I could get into making mine cute more.

    Jean was telling me about some Paddywax candles. There is a tobacco one I think. Glad to hear yours threw well.

    Cute stamp job on your nails!!! Love it! Looks like Wonder Woman.

    1. Glad you like! Thanks for the tips about Light Blue, woohoo! It is so nice.

      It's tough to make the planners super cute, huh?! Have you looked into Paddywax seriously?

      I thought the nails looked like Wonder Woman, too! Completely unintentional! :)

  2. YES! I love that your favorites posts. Please keep them up. So many good things this month. I've heard so many great things about the First Aid cream, I'm pretty sure it's going on my Lust List this month! I gotta get my hands on the brooklyn hard candy now --i want! Zoya is inching up to the top of my favorite polish brand.
    Planner Kate! I've enjoyed all my orders from her, she has such cute stickers.
    Your nails looked so cute!

    1. Glad you like! With so many non-wax posts, it's nice to see people don't mind them.

      What are your favorite Zoya polishes? Love! Their spring line this year is sooooo gorgeous.

      What were the other planner/sticker places you used?


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