Saturday, March 21, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #64: Better Homes and Garden's Pink Sugar Berry

My wonderful waxy pal, Deb from It's Always Something, went to her local Walmart a little while ago and I asked her/she offered to get a few things for me. Thanks again, Deb! I knew when she picked up this one for me, I *had* to melt it first.
Better Homes and Gardens' Pink Sugar Berry
Cold Rating7/10
Lit Rating: 8/10
Throw Rating8/10
Overall Rating: 8/10; a wonderful balance of sweet, juicy, fragrant and fruity raspberry, mature musk, and exotic, perfect pink sugar. Smells great in just 2 cubes. Strong, lasted many hours in the bedroom. Bright pink wax. Wax that would be better frozen in the freezer as opposed to poured out while hot. The misconception that tarts form Walmart don't throw well = crap. Getting multiple melts in each clamshell. No horrible skunky smell from this clamshell. Clamshell is a funny word. Infinite supply of Walmart tarts while most other vendors have long TATs. Instant gratification, like going to get ice cream right now!!!


  1. I did not get any of this one for myself but glad it's worked out for you. Just let me know if you hear of any others you might want. =)


    1. You should go back and grab a few for yourself! Thanks for the offer, I will hold you to that! :)

  2. YUM!!!! I melted this one yesterday. The throw was great! Mmmmmm... Ice cream! What kind didja get?!

    1. I have really been impressed with Walmart's tarts lately! I just had vanilla ice cream from Trader Joe's with some chocolate fudge sauce and spanish peanuts! DIY sundae, yo! :)


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