Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #68: Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles' Rainbow Bridge

Look at my horse, my horse is amazing! Give it a lick! It tastes just like raisins!

For the love of all things holy, DO NOT google these lyrics and listen to this song. It WILL get stuck in your head and you WILL hate me for it. I cannot have this on my conscience.

This has nothing to do with the scent at hand, I have just had this stuck in my head for a week.
Sugar & Spice Gourmet Soy Candles Rainbow Bridge
Cold Rating8/10
Lit Rating: 9/10
Throw Rating: 8.5/10
Overall Rating8.5/10; tremendous throw! Really superb! Creamy vanilla or marshmallow type of scent mixed with an uber fruity blend that could basically be rainbows in scent form. Smells like Starbursts, or Skittles, or some sort of candy and general creaminess. Sweet, but not too sweet. Bright orange wax, fun to pour out. Not remembering to order more Sugar & Spice wax. Amazing blends, a little high priced, but worth it. Rainbows are my favorite! Rainbow bridge = a sad poem. :( Cute scent names. Simple labels, bitchin' wax. Lasted 10+ hours in the bedroom, throw dissipated after about 6-7 hours, only slightly. Couldn't bear to toss this wonderful concoction!


  1. Heeding advice and staying far away from potential ear worms!

    I wonder if the rainbow is rainbow sherbet? I am enjoying rainbow sherbet blends lately. Soooooo I placed a wee S&S order Sunday and it shipped yesterday! Custom blends and all. I will pay extra for THAT TAT! Too bad I didn't know about this one. Making a new S&S list.....


    Have a great day sweets!!

    1. You;re probably right about the rainbow sherbet! I am excited to see what you got from S&S, yessssssssssssssssss!! Her wax is worth the extra price, fo sho. <3

      Have a good weekend!

  2. I'm needing more S&S in my life! Shanna never disappoints!


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