Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Random Post: March 2015 Favorites (and a Couple of Empties)!

Howdy, friends! March is over, and no, I will not be subjecting you to an April Fools joke, which, by the way, companies have gotten super lazy about in the past few years. Sending out a bajillion "IT'S NOT JOKE! FREE SHIPPING TODAY ONLY!!!' emails are just annoying, not clever.

Instead, I want to recap some of my monthly favs from March! WOOT!
*Empties: These 2 monthly empties also serve as favorites. On the left, Bath & Body Works' Cucumber Melon foaming hand soap. Classic scent, love the new bottles, used this in out spare bathroom and got lots of compliments on it. On the right, Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Body Wash. Refreshing, wonderful, and I already have another bottle in the shower. It is such a great wash, and fun to use because everything feels sooo cool when you use it!
*White Barn No 3. Renew & Refresh: One of my absolute favorite candles from Bath & Body Works, this might have one good burn left and then it's a goner. Fresh with bitchin' throw and some mild, mild green/floral notes, this is a sure winner. I don't know how new versions of this candle work, but this one from 2012ish (or 2013?) is the best.
*K. Hall Designs' Peony travel candle: One word: amazeballs. You'd probably assume like I did that a little candle such as this one might not pack a big punch. You'd be wrong, just like me. This thing is INSANELY strong. Peony is a light, delicate scent, but with a throw like this, you wouldn't know it! Such a brilliant candle reminiscent of my favorite discontinued candle, B&BW's Flower Shop. BRING THAT ONE IMMEDIATELY, BACK, BATH & BODY WORKS.
*Wonka's Randoms gummy candies: I received a package from Smiley360 for free to try these Randoms candies, something I had never heard of. I love anything gummy, and these were no exception. Some of these were just like your usual gummy bears, but others had these creamy white bottoms (eeheheheheheeee) which only served to enhance the yumminess. BTW, how do we feel about the word 'yummy' as a collective? Anyways, even though these were free, they were somethin' else! I didn't know Wonka was still in business and not I cannot wait to track more of these down for immediate consumption! They claim no 2 bags are the same, which is also fun! But, while I have you here...
...maaaaaaaaaybe you might wanna work on your ambiguous shapes a little bit more so they don't resemble, well, you know, this?????????????
*Edoughble Cookie Dough: yes, there IS eggless cookie dough out there! I first heard about Edoughble through Treatsie (which I still receive but haven't posted about in a while because of a mix-up with February's box, more to come later). I ordered the chocolate chip version of their eggless cookie dough on a whim and LOVED it, so I went back for Birthday Bash, which is sugar cookie with sprinkles. So good! It is much better at room temperature because it tastes like the real thing, but it made with apple sauce instead to mimic the texture of eggs without the salmonella.
*Game of Thrones: With 3 free months of HBO from our cable provider, Josh and I have all but caught up on "Game of Thrones." I'm sure we are the last people on earth to either read the books or watch the show, but now, this has changed, and we LOVE IT. It's not one of television's highest rated shows for no reason. It's intriguing, captivating, scandalous, murderous and fantastical all at once. Watch if you haven't already done so!
*The Last Man on Earth: want to watch a show that'll make you laugh your ass off every week? Then you NEED to check out this show! There are only 7 or 8 episodes of "The Last Man on Earth" since the show just started, but I'm already obsessed with it. Starring funny man Will Forte, genius comic actress Kristen Schaal and January Jones, give it a try if you like sitcoms and chances are, you'll love it, too!
*The X-Files Returns: it's not really a favorite, more like favorite news of the month: "The X-Files" (AKA MY FAVORITE SHOW EVER) is making a return for a couple episodes!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS!!! I have been waiting for this forever!! *dancedancedance*
*KBShimmer's Cuticle Oil Pens in Pink Sugar & Peppermint: Cuticle oil is an important step in doing my nails. My skin is always really dry regardless of how much or how little lotion I use, and I like to make sure my cuticles are moisturized. KBShimmer's cuticle oil pens are really fabulous and easy to use, plus, they smell great! I picked up one in pink sugar many months ago and just bought a new one in peppermint.
*Jolie Polish's Nooks  & Crannies Liquid Latex: Liquid latex is all the rage in the nail world right now. Some brands with the same type of item cost upwards of $20, but Jolie Polish offered a similar product for $8. $8! This stuff is a lifesaver if you're horribly messy with your manicures. The fine, thin brush helps apply around the nails with easy and any polish that gets on the nooks and crannies product can easily be removed once the manicure is done. Really awesome product!

*KBShimmer's Ins and Sprouts nail polish: Green is not typically my color when it comes to polish, but I can't resist a holo, and man, IS THIS HOLO. Ins and Sprouts completely surprised me, but then again, I should know better since KBShimmer puts out consistently excellent products. The bottom photo is from my Instagram (follow me @lololovesscents for random stuff and @lololovesfilms for all things movie related) with the flash from my phone's camera...LOOK AT ITTTTTTT. I am still in love.
*Sally Beauty's ASP Manicure Saver: If you're further like me and impatient when painting your nails, you NEED this manicure claw thingmabobber. It has always saved me twice from screwing up my manis! Who even knew a product like this existed?! I sure didn't! The little claw opens up and you stick a cotton ball in there and rub your mistakes away without messing up your other digits. COOL!
*Airborne's Chewable Citrus Tablets: Repeat after me: I will not. Get sick. Anytime soon. If I feel the slightest little sign of a cold, I pop a couple of these with my OJ and feel better. I gotta tell you, Josh hates that I buy these because he swears they don't work, but I have yet to be sick since I have started taking them!
Happy April, everyone! Do you have any favorite products this month?


  1. Excuse me.... Wonka... There's a butt plug in my candy....

    I am a dork, I thought that Sally Henson claw thingy was for you to pick up things while your nails were wet. Like digging in your purse for keys or something. Oops!

    Your favorites for this month are awesome! Great post!

    1. LOLOLOL, that was my first thought! What the heck!? That was the only curious looking shape, everything else was mostly identifiable. :P

      The Sally claw might be for that, too! It was non-descriptive! :)

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