Thursday, April 30, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: April 2015 Treatsie Box Review!

Howdy, folks! Today, I am bringing you my EARLY!!!!!!! (meaning, not 2 months from the date which I received it, LOL) review of the April Treatsie box! Let's dive right into it, yo!
As usual, the Treatsie packages come in special boxes. One thing I like about Treatsie is that there's only enough packaging for the contents, not a huge, unnecessary box that wastes space.
The card displaying the monthly contents of each box.
Malvi's Marshmallow Confections were good. Shortbread cookies on the top and bottom, a giant marshmallow in the middle and a thin layer of vanilla salted caramel in between the cookies to adhere it all together. While the cookies were pretty buttery and salty, it worked well within the dessert, but I wish they hadn't been so heavy. The marshmallow was nice, though. 3.5/5.
B.T. McElrath's chocolates came in 4 different mini bar bites. I like mini bars because they are a good form of portion control (unless you eat all 4 in a day, then you're screwed, LOL). Here are the flavors!

-Buttered Toast Bits: amazing. I don't know why something so simple tasted so good, but I must get another one of these. The "toast" part was breadcrumbs and you could tell something was in the chocolate, but it wasn't toasty, more like a contrasting flavor. So good! 4.5/5.

-Prairie Dog Bits: I don't really remember this one other than it was delicious. Sort of buttery from the toffee, but something I have had before. Still good! 4/5.
-Dark Chocolate Caramel Bit: again, sort of boring in terms of originality, but still delicious! Really good quality chocolate. 4/5.

-Super Red Bits: this one was my least favorite. The chocolate was dark, which I prefer, but the cherry, strawberry and raspberry bits all clashed together into an unidentifiable fruitness. I couldn't tell the flavors apart! 3.5/5.
Tumbador sent a full size chocolate bar in this month's box. This flavor was a PB&J bar. What!? This was much heavier on the fruit flavor than the peanut flavor. There's a crispiness from the peanut praline, but really no peanut flavor, which is nuts (HA, SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!) because peanuts are so distinct. Maybe the chocolate and raspberry go so well together it mutes the peanut flavor!? Who know! This was decent. 3/5.
Tumbador's Corn Nut Dragee were plain ol' weird, and as bizarre as a chocolate covered corn nut seems, this is actually a surprise for me! I really liked these! Even though it tasted strange at the start, they grew on me. It's not something I would crave, but damn if they aren't delicious! 4/5.
The same company again! Wow, heavy on the Tumbador! I love the light coating of powdered sugar on these little poppers. These are quite tasty on their own, but the coating sort of elevates the chocolate/pretzel combo just a bit, adding more sweetness to clash with the salty pretzel. These are quite good, and you really can't go wrong with chocolate covered pretzels, any shape or size! 4/5.

Overall, this was a surprisingly good box! Nothing overly bad here, a few generic flavor combos, but some other new, good treats!  Have you tried Treatsie?


  1. Excellent Treatsie this month Lauren! I am eyeing those chocolate coveted pretzels. Love that combo. Have you made the Hershey Kiss topped pretzels? Or rolo topped pretzels? You heat me to melt the chocolate a bit and press it down in the mini pretzel. So yum

    1. Did you cancel your subscription? :( I totally would have sent those to you! I loooooove candies melted into pretzels, we make them at Christmas time with red and green M&Ms and Hershey's kisses!


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