Thursday, April 25, 2013

Haul: Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles #1

I must admit, I love trying new and upcoming vendors. Even if I buy a small sampling of what a vendor has to offer, it's good to expand your smell-tastes. Do you agree, or do you stick to what you know?
Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles is a new vendor that has only been around a month or two. I started seeing videos pop up from people receiving products to try from this vendor and decided to give her website a paroozal. It was fairly bare, so I backed out quickly. Well, that is not the case today. She seems to have expanded her scent list quite a bit, and offers things like clamshells, candles, scent shots (super shots, on her site), and wickless candles.

I placed a small order while she was having a sale, buy 4 clamshells get 1 free. I received two scent shots, pictures above. They are in:

  • Whipped Cream: a very nice, obviously creamy scent, but I think there is a bit more to this...I swear I smell fruit! It might be a rub-off from something else in my package, but yeah, this is nice.
  • Marshmallow Ambrosia: the worlds most hated loved dessert (she said fighting back laughter). This one is good, too, fruit mixed with the marshmallow sweetness...will be nice in a smaller room, as it is sort of light.
Then, we get into my order. I have been on a "fresh" kick lately, so you might notice a them. My clamshells are in:
  • Peppermint: a go-to scent for me, I'm always looking for the most minty thing to put me to sleep. Again, light on cold sniff, but I will let this cure; mint almost takes a backseat to some sort of sweetness, perhaps vanilla.
  • Oceans: just lovely! A tiny hint of salty air mixes well with a watery note. Really good.
  • Beach Linen: if my house could be scented with one this all day every day for the next 365 days, it would be this. HOT DAMN is this fabulous! It is so fresh, pretty strong, but not with a "choke you out" kind of-ness. Wonderful scent!
  • Serendipity: again, a go-to for's my mission in life to try Serendipity from every freakin' vendor out there. This smells nice, but seems to be more coconut heavy. Might be good for blending.
  • Pinkie's Sugar: I realized a while back that I don't have any straight pink sugar scents to mix with, so I picked up a clamshell in Aunt Smellman's version of pink sugar. It's pink sugar, alright. Also, pink sugar. ;)
So, here's my haul! Another thing: I LOVE THE LABELS. I don't know who this flawless queen is on her labels, but I love her and she is the definition of sassy. And, her website has a sort of "retro" feel to is, maybe it's just her highness on the label. :)

Also, I will mention, while $1.95 for a scent shot isn't terrible, I don't think it's necessarily great, either. Tons of other websites have 2oz. scent shots for less; I know they have to make a profit, but I have heard others complain about this. I don't mind as long as it's less than $1 per ounce of wax, which this is (barely). 

Can't wait to get to melting these, I will give them at least a month's cure time, as per usual with my tarts. Have you heard of Aunt Smellman? Care to try any of her products?

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