Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review: The Happy Little Bee's Honeysuckle and Haul #3 Photos!

Ahhhh, springtime. Flowers, birds, California really doesn't get any better than spring (well, the portion of spring that's not uber hot and generally awful, LOL). This is not to rub it in the face of my mid-west and east coast friends, I am really trying to get all of you out here for one big happy waxy fun vacay! :)
The new house has been amazing for wax. Everything seems to drift wonderfully from one room to another. Honeysuckle from The Happy Little Bee was a sample from my latest haul. Debbie always adds sample in every order! I had never smelled honeysuckle, but man oh man, this one was stellar! This reminded me of when my mom, brother and I went to the Carlsbad Flower Fields years and years ago...the sweet smell of flowers wafting through the air...this is the exact way Spring should smell. The throw was outrageous, it traveled through the whole house! The alluring aroma of flowers still lingers in the air this morning and in the office as I type this. I am a huge fan of this scent now! I know Bath & Body Works has a Honeysuckle candle, but I'm not sure how similar it is. Another note, Debbie got smaller scent shot cups, which is nice because I think it will save her money in the long run...I can't see these little 1oz. cups costing more than the 2oz. scent shot cups! :)
I got a melange of things in this order. The 2 clamshells on the right were in a bundle, a floral duo. The coconut lime verbena is heavy on the verbena, and Victoria Rose is a nice scent that really does smell like rose! Island Gain Fresh is a dupe of the popular laundry scent, which I have never smelled, but I have been looking for things to freshen up the house on laundry days. This will do just nicely!
Jelly Beans!, Unicorn Toots, and Fruity Loops were also in a scent shot bundle. Jelly Beans smells sweet, like the candy. Unicorn Toots is very, very interesting. The name drew me to the scent because I am secretly a 5 year old boy, LOL; this scent is a mix of fruity and fresh, and I swear I pick up hints of bubbliness! Fruity Loops is dead on to the cereal, a scent I have completely begun to love.

Pumpkin Pie was a sample, and on cold sniff, there's a note in it I'm not a huge fan of...not sure what it is, possibly nutmeg (which I personally don't think translates well into wax). I know these are ready to melt, but I am going to let it cure a little while longer. There is a nice cinnamon note in it, though! She included 3 other samples, one that I gave to Liz because I wanted her to try out the company (Caramel Coffee something-or-other, I think?), a Bounce laundry type in Aloe & White Lilac, and a third one that is somewhere around here but I cannot find due to the overabundance of wax in this new house, ha!
This card was too cute to note photograph! Look at those little bees! Debbie thanked me for purchasing from her, and I know I will enjoy them. She has really great customer service, and I am looking forward to seeing what she comes up with in the future! :)

The Happy Little Bee's Honeysuckle
Cold Rating7/10; a sweet floral scent on cold sniff, super strong, I touch this to my nose on accident and the scent stayed there for hours, LOL.
Lit Rating8/10; for never smelling this scent, I turned out to be a huge fan! Florals are iffy sometimes, but I can see me buying this scent over and over and never getting tired of it.
Throw Rating10/10; traveled through the entire house and is still lingering this morning. If that's not perfection, I don't know what is!
Overall Rating: 8/10; potent. Re-purchasable. Sweet and fragrant. The great memories of the day a bomb threat was supposedly going to happen at my middle school (WHAT) and my mom kept us out of school to take us to Legoland, only to end up at the Carlsbad Flower Fields. At the time, I hated it, but looking back on it, I wish times were simpler like this. *sigh*

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