Thursday, April 11, 2013

Haul: Molten Melts #1

As you probably know, I am big on Facebook fan pages and such. While I have unsubscribed from several vendors I have no intention of purchasing from in the near future, I am part of several groups and fan pages (though with the recent ~*drama~* going on, I am about ready to give them all up for good).
Anywho, I found out about Molten Melts from ScentMyWay (Keren), one of my top 5 favorite wax YouTubers. She had a haul from them, and their products looked interesting, so I subscribed to their Facebook page after watching her video. Ashley, the owner, was had put together a few sampler packages for people to try her products, and I was lucky enough to get one! There are 9 scent shots in here, and I believe the price was either $13 or $15 shipped. I'm always a fan of being able to try a company's product through samplers/sample boxes.
While I was excited about getting my package, the USPS didn't see the point in my excitement and ripped part of my package clear in half. "We Care," more like "Bull $#!%," LOL. How does a package get ripped ALL THE WAY IN HALF on one side?! Ugh...
Close-up of the damage. Apparently the USPS is keeping Saturday mail delivery, so Netflix DVDs, WATCH OUT for their reign of terror!
She included this note...
Ashley, if you're reading, you have lovely handwriting. :) Most of these smell pretty ready to be melted except for maybe one or two, so I will let those sit a bit.
Here's what I got in my sampler:

  • Pink Buttercream: not sure if "pink" here means pink sugar, but I get almost no pink, if it is. It's creamy and sweet, but not in that overly buttery way, do you know what I mean? Not my favorite of the bunch, but nice, nonetheless!
  • Berry Nilla: Lots of berries with a slight hint of creaminess as an undertone note. It's pretty strong on cold sniff.
  • Wicked Watermelon: the unexpected favorite of the bunch. I am not a fan of watermelon in real life, but this smells like watermelon candy! So, so good. It's sweet, with that artificial candy smell wrapped up in a watermelon basket. Delish and juicy.
  • Pomegranate: I guess I'm just not a fan of pomegranate scents in wax...this just smells generic to me. It's not just this company's scent, it's all pomegranate scents that are not in a blend. Meh.
  • Cinnamon Celebration: this is your typical cinnamon from a gum type of scent, but it's sort of light on cold sniff. You know me, I like my cinnamons.
  • Farmhouse Cider: I have tried this scent from 2 other vendors and loved it, and on cold sniff, this smells practically the same. Definitely like the Trader Joe's cider. Yum!
  • Chicks Dig It: not sure what all is in this, but lemon is the dominant note; in this scent shot, the lemon is a cleaner lemon type of smell, which, mixed with whatever berry or other notes that are in this fragrance, actually smells pretty good!
So, that's my Facebook sampler haul from Molten Melts. Have you tried this company? Have you heard of this company? Let me know your thoughts! (PS: I swear there was one more scent shot in here, but I just can't find there might have been 10, but I'm losing my mind).


  1. Love your blog! Don't worry about facebook.... take the good and leave the bad! LOL

    1. Thanks a lot for reading! The Facebook thing...yikes, so much drama over wax! I try to just scroll passed it, but sometimes, the fighting it just too much! :)

  2. I know what you mean about the FB drama, it's such a shame that everyone can't just get along. Anyways, this looks like a great new vendor, I'll definitely have to try them soon!

  3. I have not tried them before, but would like to so I will place a small order and see how her wax is as for the fb drama I dont engage in messy business. thanks for the information on this new vendor!

    1. I hope you do place a small order, let me know how you feel about their goodies! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


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