Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wickless Wednesday: Final Halloween Decorations!

As you know, Halloween has come and gone. I shared our decorations with you a few weeks ago, but wanted to show you the extras we added along the way (things that couldn't be added until Halloween day).

Every person who came to our door said they loved our decorations, and we were extremely happy with how the night turned out (as far as the amount of trick-or-treaters we got), so I thought you all might appreciate seeing the final product, too! Follow me!
Here's our police murder scene, even though it sounds terrible to be saying that, lol. We laid down a tarp of plastic bags, added vampire blood and severed fingers, then put up the little number scenes. It looked REALLY awesome, especially behind the caution tape.
THE GARAGE ZOMBIE!!! I had no idea Josh had purchased a severed arm, too, which made the effect even cooler. Also, this was attached to our fog machine, so it looked like the zombie was breathing smoke. I didn't get a video, but here's this ugly dude.
Our pumpkins!
Pumpkins and the zombie! Also, do you see our man in the top right corner? We took "Bob," Josh's training dummy, and put him in my Walter White hazmat suit, complete with respirator, and stuck him behind the bushes. People were freaked the hell out, and it even scared me at first, too, LOL!!
LED luminaries we used to light the path for kids.
My basic pumpkin with a tooth.
And my Jack Skellington pumpkin. I love how this one turned out!
Josh's vampire pumpkin!
And his creepy cyclops pumpkin! The fangs fell out, so we had to use toothpicks to hold them up again. You can't tell from far away. ;)
BONUS PHOTO! I have a friend who always makes very cool, very elaborate Halloween costumes from scratch. This year, he went as a homemade minion, and I think it looks AMAZING!! He won the most creative costume award at the Halloween party. Cool, huh?! (PS: I only stamped this photo so people wouldn't steal it, I have the unstamped version on my PC. Power, if you want me to take it down, let me know)

How did your Halloweens turn out, waxy friends? Let me know, I'd love to hear your stories! :)


  1. We live out in the country so we don't get trick-or-treaters. Still, we usually still decorate quite a bit indoors and out, but this year we didn't. Just minimal things, and didn't even get any pumpkins this year. Didn't watch any Halloweeny movies this year either. Boooo us!


    1. Hopefully you get pumpkins next year! Sometimes, we don't feel like doing anything, but this year, we went all out.

  2. Ack, typos galore! Trying again: Love the garage zombie! Sadly, I had no trick or treaters this Halloween (always hit or miss in an apartment complex), but I did get to put up my scary skull door wreath along with the other decorations this year. It used to terrify the little boy who lived next door, but the family moved out a few weeks ago so it was game on. Had B&BW Pumpkin Carving and a small Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin burning away--very festive!

    1. Our old apartment complex was like that, very hit or miss. I am glad you got to put out your skull wreath, that sounds like it's awesome! Love that you burned candles on Halloween! :)

  3. You guys are awesome. Did you get any little kids, like under five? They must have been FREAKED. I'm freaked.
    Your friends' minion costume --insanely good. and he made it? Incredible!

    1. We had a few kids under 5 but they love it, surprisingly! Even the adults were diggin' it! We had about 40-50 trick or treaters, which is more than the 4 years we lived in our condo combined. LOL! I can't believe I counted. :P

      He did make that costume himself, can you believe it?! It looked incredible! He did a GREAT job.


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