Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wickless Wednesday: Our Halloween Decorations!

Halloween is upon us, friends!
Who says you can't decorate early for this occasion?!

In our old place, we very rarely got trick-or-treaters, even if we decorated. Hopefully, since there are kids on our new street, we might get to pass out some candies!

Anywho, I wanted to share our decorations with you. We sort of went all-out this year! I'll start with the outside!
So, I had this genius idea to cover the garage in caution tape. On Halloween night, we're going to have a strobe light going in there so it looks like a flashing horror house. We're also going to have our fog machine going, with this wicked zombie attachment that we bought; it's going to look like the zombie's mouth is oozing fog. SO COOL.
The tree right outside the office was the perfect place to put our newly purchased tombstones, complete with creepy zombie girl floating in the trees above it, of course. Every time I tried to take a picture, she turned around. Trust me, it's better this way, she's awful looking, LOL.
The skeleton hanging thing to the left makes noise and cackles when you walk past it. IT'S HORRIBLE and we love it! We also covered the bushes in spider webs!
Josh and I made this spider egg sack years ago and it still holds up today. We used a stocking, a Styrofoam ball, plastic spiders, and cobwebs. It looks really cool in the corner of the front patio.
Bloody hand prints on the front window. And Josh in the background! LOL
More cobwebs!
More caution tape on the front patio.
New tombstones near the front path. They look really neat by all the rocks and plants.
A zombie crawling out of the dirt by his tombstone. Love the way this looks! Now, moving on to the mantle in the living room!
I like to "feature" candles on these little pedestals according to the season. Well, for fall, I picked Applewood Bonfire. It smells delicious, like apple and smoldering logs.
I've had this Yankee Candle votive holder for about 3 years. It's cutesy, but I love it. Very acceptable through Thanksgiving, I think.
My grandma just gave Josh and I this Halloween "Christmas" tree as a housewarming gift, complete with ornaments and glitters! It's so adorable, and it fits perfectly right in the middle of the mantle.
She also gave us this glittery picture frame. We're going to take a photo of us in our Halloween costumes and put it in there after we attend our friend's Halloween party.
This is a mini candle holder from Bath & Body Works I bought about two years ago. Love the cat!
The other candle I am "featuring" for fall is Cinnamon & Clove Buds. This one is classic fall, in my opinion.
Finally on the mantle, Josh found this cool color changing skeleton candle at Party City. It runs on a battery and is super awesome. We turn it on at night and it puts off a good amount of light.
Lastly, my grandma gave us this vase filler with pumpkins and leaves and berries. It's another one of those things we can keep out through Thanksgiving! I love the way it looks on our coffee table!

Do you have any decorations out for Halloween? I'd love to see them!


  1. I love it Lauren! Your house is gorgeous, I'm dying over your front yard landscape and brick work!
    The spiderweb sac --genius.
    You know kids are gonna want to GO IN your garage on halloween night --your house is gonna be the most popular on the block.
    Where did you purchase the tombstones? Gotta have those!

    1. Thank you! We put a lot of work into it. I hope kids come by this year!

      We got the tombstones at Party City! Did you decorate this year? I'd love to see it if you did! :)

    2. We didn't decorate this year BUT I told myself that I was going to pick up as many discounted decorations as I can for next year. Hopefully the halloween sections will start going on sale a week or so before halloween --I'll just have to be diligent and keep checking :)

    3. Oh, great idea! I hope you get tons of discounted decorations! We do that at Christmas time...perhaps with the candy...don't just me! LOL! :)

  2. The zombie with fog would totally scare me. Now. I am a chicken. Your decorations look awesome! We did only some basic fall and pumpkin decor. I like Sunnee's idea of raiding the decorations after Halloween! Savanna is going to be a TRex and Scarlette a fairy. Hope y'all get some fun trick-or-treaters!

    1. I am a bit worried the zombie with fog will scare the little kids, but I hope their parents don't pass us by because of it. Thanks a lot! I would love to see your basic decorations, anything is something, as I always say! It sounds like your kids will have cute costumes! :)

  3. Very Awesome!!!!! The bloody hand prints on the window just top it off perfectly :)

    1. Hi Lynda! Thanks! We were really impressed with the bloody hand prints, actually, they looked sort of tacky in the store, but turned out to look awesome on the window! :)

  4. Love this post, seeing your decorations. Some years we go all out, and some years we barely do anything. This year is one of the 'barely do anything' years. I have pics taken already, just haven't gotten a post done yet. Maybe today. Or maybe I'll haul out a few more things first. I still want to get some pumpkins.

    Will you do a quickie video of your flashing garage and fog spewing zombie?


    1. I will totally get a video of the garage on Halloween night, just remind me closer to the actual day in case I forget! :)

      I'm glad you like the post! I know what you mean about sometimes having "barely anything years," we had that last year after my mother in law passed away. We really wanted to decorate, but were just too sad and busy to do it. I would love to see any photos of your pumpkins, if you get some! :)

  5. That is SO COOL!! :D :D You have some AWESOME decorations!! I'd be FREAKED OUT! (In a good way) If I came by!

    1. Thanks Ashley! I hope the kids in our neighborhood aren't *too* afraid to come ask for candy...we've put together some awesome goody bags this year! :D


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