Sunday, August 10, 2014

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #29: Rosegirls Dunk My Donut

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, donuts...
Rosegirls Dunk My Donut
Cold Rating7.5/10
Lit Rating: 8/10
Throw Rating7/10
Overall Rating7.5/10; great spicy bakery scent! Another example of how I am slowly being turned into a bakery nut. Nothing exclusively "donut" about this per se, but definitely a bakery scent, nonetheless. Cakey, sweet, cinnamony, delicious. Lasted 6 hours in the bathroom. Strong enough to smell in other parts of the house. Loving donuts in all aspects of life. Not enough non-chain donut restaurants around my direct house-al area. Coffee and donuts. Coffee scents in was are not my favorite. Addiction to coffee. Not being able to find the coffee creamers you want!


  1. Dunk my donuts is so excellent. Dang elusive dunkin donuts creamer... Grrrrrr. I love Krispy Kreme myself. Becoming a bakery girl slowly but surely huh? I was non bakery for the longest time, then just dove right in. Hope you find more hidden gems to love!

    1. Krispy Kreme hits the spot every once in a while! Their glazed original donuts are so good warmed up. Mmmmm, you're making me want donuts. I will find that creamer if it's the last thing I do! Non-bakery is the way to be....well, until we become bakery hoarders, then that's a different story. You said you have already jumped into it, eeeeeee! I am lucky I have more of this coming to me. :D


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