Monday, August 25, 2014

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #33: Aunt Smellman's Peppermint

I often like to fall asleep with a wonderful peppermint scent melting in the background. It's quite peaceful and dreamy.
Peppermint - A true pure peppermint.
Aunt Smellman's Peppermint
Cold Rating5/10
Lit Rating: 4/10
Throw Rating4.5/10
Overall Rating: 4.5/10; sweet peppermint as opposed to a stronger and more menthol-y one, which I don't care for quite so much. Reminded me of one of those candies you'd get at a restaurant on cold sniff. Pretty colored wax. Throw wasn't terribly strong. It was sort of noticeable, but not like other peppermint scents I have melted in the past. Warm sniff was even sweeter than cold sniff. Needed pink, LOL. Very crumbly wax that broke apart when I pushed it into the warmer. I HATE CRUMBLY WAX. Love ordering from sales. Melting through my entire stash as quickly as possible. Problem wax buyer. Needing to make a document with all my reviews. Needing to update reviews. NEEDING TO FOCUS. Waxidents.


  1. Lol! Waxidents. I had a few Aunt Smellman's I loved but my last order from her put me off. So I am probably not ordering there anymore. Peppermints are sooooo goooooood. Why?! I just want to inhale them all.

  2. You are pretty much the cutest in the whole world. AS is a tough one for me too, just don't reach for her wax that often--maybe I will tomorrow.


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