Saturday, May 2, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: April 2015 Flicker Box Review!

I was alerted to Flicker Box by a friend on Instagram. Flicker Box is a monthly subscription service that features HANDMADE CANDLES!! Finally, SOMEONE did it! I was SO excited to learn about this service, and when I saw they had a one-time only discount for bloggers on their subscription candle box, I knew I had to jump at the chance! Here's what I received in the April box.
I LOVE this packaging. My package came in a bigger box, but I took all the guts out to get to this. Look how simply but elegant it is! Love the Flicker Box stamp, too. And the twine/thread with a cute bow! Adorable.
What greeted me as I opened the box. Notice all the individual wrapping inside? Each item was carefully wrapped, which I love!
The card displaying the box's contents. I really appreciate when companies do this. These little details matter, people!
My goodies! This month's box had a theme and it was "In The Kitchen." There are 4 candles, each from a different company, only one of which I had tried or heard of in the past. Let's look at them individually.
Copper & Kraft Candles has an Etsy shop based in upstate New York. Just upon first glance, they have soy wax candles in various sizes AND wax melts, cool! They sent a Lemon Pound Cake scent this month. This particular candle is 8 oz and has one wick. I love it when candles are in little tin containers, don't ask me why. It does nothing for the performance versus anything else. This scent is true to the lemon pound cake scent on cold sniff, and boy, is it strong. I don't get any frosting, just a lemon cake smell. This will be perfect for, you guessed it, in the kitchen! I have yet to burn this candle so I cannot write about its performance, but I will keep you updated.
Wild Ginger: spice kick with plum and vanilla.
Lights Out is a Texas based candle company. Again, here's a candle in a tin container, only the ounce-age is 4oz this time, a much smaller, desk-side type of candle. No bother to me as long as it smells good! The Wild Ginger scent is a lot more light on cold sniff, but what wisps I do get smell authentic enough, just like fresh ginger. There is definitely a sweetness to this, though, so I am looking forward to burning it. Since I haven't tried this, I will review it later on!
Paddywax is an awesome candle company based in Tennessee that I was initially familiarized with through my past subscription to the PopSugar Must Have box a year ago. I had fallen in love with one of their scents in particular and was stoked to see them pop up in this box, too. Their mini jar candles are tinted in color and are really pretty, and this Blood Orange & Citrus scent is right up my alley! The blood orange is bright and not too in your face, and the other citrus comes together to make one helluvuh scent. WOW! Though medium on cold sniff, this one packs a strong punch while lit. I LOVE it! I would absolutely buy this scent again, and I would buy from this vendor again. I give this candle an 8.5/10. Wonderful burning, long lasting scent, lingering, just excellent!
4th Street Candle Co. is another new and previously unknown vendor to me. Looks like they are on Etsy, too, which seems to be the way a lot of vendors gravitate to sell their wares, which is good for the customer because it is easy to use. This Southern Apple Pie candle, while not *completely* spring/summer scented, it nothing short of incredible. It is strong on cold sniff, strong while melting, burns well (at least for the 2 sessions I have burned it), and is a good mix of fresh apple, spice and maybe a touch of bakery? Mostly, this is the apple scent I crave during the fall. I love this one, too, and cannot wait to place an order with this company. I give this candle an 8/10. So good!
MATCHES!!! I always need spare matches, so it was cool to see a personalized matchbook with the flicker box logo. Woot!
And there you have it, my FIRST Flicker Box haul! Have you tried Flicker box? Do you like subscription boxes and my posts about them? Let me know, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I love this box!!! Paddywax has been on my radar for some time now. How much is this subscription box? LOVE IT!

    1. This box is $34 a month! Sort of spendy, but I am willing to try it for a couple months in lieu of the PopSugar one, which was $40. More candles!


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