Sunday, September 16, 2012

Glade Expressions Collection!

I am a member of BzzAgent, where you get to try out new products and have a chance to influence big name brands. Well, I was chosen to be part of the Glade Expressions Collection campaign! I received a free coupon to try out Glade's oil diffuser and fragrance mist. Luckily, you can buy these at most major grocery stores, as well as some drug stores and mass merchandisers!

Let me tell you, I am IN LOVE with the Cotton & Italian Mandarin scent. I have had a really hard time finding a fragrance spray for our house that both Josh and I like collectively. This one won us both over, mainly because I tend to like fresh scents and Josh likes fruity fragrances! We use it all over the house.

I've always been skeptical about oil diffusers, but Glade has turned me into a fan. THEY ARE SO EASY TO USE! I couldn't tell you why I have been so hesitant to try them, and Glade's cute and trendy holder makes it look more like a piece of art, rather than a bunch of sticks in a small glass vase that could spill out at a moment's notice.

I am glad we had the opportunity to try these products! Thanks, BzzAgent, and if you're not a member, sign up today!

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