Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend Wax Review: September 1-2

First of all, has anyone seen the movie "John Carter," anyone at all?
There's a reason it flopped, trust me. Steer clear, my friends, it's not very good.

Saturday: Burned a few scents on Saturday. I was trying to finish off a Yankee votive in Cherry Lemonade, but not dice. Met my mom at a shop up the street, then took our pup to her house for lunch. So, I still have half of it left, which is alright, because it smells amazing, just like Fruit Strips gum! When I got home, I burned Yankee Candle Simply Home Beach Towel for a few hours to freshen up the joint because it always makes the house smell better. When Josh got home, I showed him my newly purchased/exchanged White Barn Marshmallow Fireside, and we had that one going for the rest of this night. It made me want s'mores...fabulous, delicious s' to come on this wonderful fragrance sometime this week.

Sunday: Cleaned the house today, so I needed something clean and floral to brighten up the air! I actually melted Scentsy's 'Awakening' in my tart warmer. If you haven't tried Scentsy, the concept is pretty neat, sort of like AVON but with scented wax; some scents are hit and miss, though, many I've smelled have been artificial (cinnamon should smell like cinnamon, not carnauba wax infused Big Red). You can buy other brands of wax cubes at any number of places online, as well as in-store at placeslike Walmart (Better Homes & Gardens brand, Scentsationals, etc). 'Awakening' is part of Scentsy's Spa collection; it was a great air freshener, and powerful, but did the job! I don't sell Scentsy, so don't think this is a cheap ploy to get you to purchase from me, because it's not. Tonight, we are burning Slatkin's Pink Sangria (4oz) as a change of pace; we wanted something fruity, and this scent is fabulous: juicy raspberries, tangy tangerine, infused with brandy-soaked grapes. Delish, if only I had a Pink Sangria drink in my hand right now!

Have a fabulous Labor Day, everyone, and remember, be safe!

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