Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wickless Wednesday: Scentsy's Cozy Fireside

Okay, I have been MIA for a few days; there has been a lot of stuff going on out here in SoCal that I'd rather not discuss. Sad stuff. The only thing I will say is this: hug your friends and loved ones tightly, alright? Trust me on this, I might not know much about much, but you should love fiercely and often, and do the things you want while you're here. You only get one life, you know!

I haven't forgotten about my wonderful blog, though, just haven't been burning that much in the past few days. Anyhow, it's time for another round of Wickless Wednesday!

The concept of Scentsy is pretty cool: wax cubes they you heat in a warmer, then, once heated, distribute scent! I will admit, I have smelled some scents that were a huge miss, but most of them smell great! Unlike other wax cubes I've smelled recently, they really are worth the price of $5 per clamshell; plus, Scentsy includes 8 cubes instead of the standard 6 cubes. While I think I'm still sold on candles and tarts, Scentsy's winter fragrances have outdone themselves.
Cozy Fireside is the most amazing Scentsy scent I have yet to smell; I've said good things about other scents before, but this one is in my top 10 scents EVER. Period. Candles, wax, tarts...this one is straight Christmas, literally, this is what my Christmas ham smells like. Cloves, cinnamon, a touch of sugar, crackling fire, orange peel, citrus burst, caramelized glaze, more clove, it's simply amazing. I burn 2 cubes at a time, and the scent lasts a long time. Cozy Fireside was so strong that I smelled it upon waking up this morning (after warming it last night)...

...these are the times when I wish the internet had scratch and sniff.

Everything in this clamshell is brilliant. Scentsy got this one right, and it almost makes up for the atrocity that is Caramel Pear Crisp (if you like false, overly sweet bakery scents, then you will LOVE that one).

Scentsy's Cozy Fireside
Cold Rating: 8/10, Christmas ham with clove (minus ham) meets spiced cider meets a flaming fireplace, in the best way possible.
Lit Rating: 7.5/10, bursting with Christmasy goodness, but we wish it was a little bit stronger. We tend to dig stronger smells!
Throw Rating: 8/10, smells like a clove-covered orange grove; made the entire house smell amazing for hours after the warmer was turned off.
Overall Rating: 8/10; if you took an orange and stuck cloves in its peel, then lit it on fire, you'd have Cozy Fireside.


  1. I hope that everything is okay for you and your family...I love the Wickless Wednesday theme! And this scent looks like one my husband would like. he's obsessed with anything titled "fireside"!

    1. Thanks a lot! I think you and your husband would LOVE "Cozy Fireside," it is so quintessentially fall! They really do make great wax.



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