Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wickless Wednesday: Bath & Body Works' Brown Sugar and Fig Fine Fragrance Mist Review

A lot of the perfume I've purchased in the past can be described in the following terms:

-Bubble Gum
-Middle School
-Sickeningly Sweet
-Dirty Pop
-Cotton Candy (do you remember that one? Ughhh...)

I feel as though, in the past few years, I've developed a nose for more mature scents, hence why I don't like bakery fragrances anymore.

...but does Brown Sugar and Fig count as a bakery fragrance?

Because, if it does, I'm breaking my rule yet again, and I can't change my mind now, because this is the only scent I've used consistently for years.

Bath & Body Works recently changed/added a line to their bottled sprays to a "fine fragrance mist," which a lot of people seem to prefer. Personally, I like this bottling much better; it seems less clunky, more modern, and it looks a little more expensive and stylish. Not sure all of that makes much of a difference or matters at all, just an observation I had!

Bottom line, this scent ROCKS! It's the perfect blend of spice, sweetness, and figgy fruit [I'm not sure figgy is a word, but let's just go with it].
Brown Sugar & Fig is a tried and true fragrance, and in my opinion, it shouldn't be exclusively for fall (even though that's when it's marketed). It works well year-round: it's cozy and warm enough for the fall and winter, but sweet and fruity enough for the spring and summer. I've also read that Bath & Body Works manufactures their sprays to last up to 3 years from the time of bottling (mind you, I read this online, so take it as you may), so it seems like their fragrances are "built" to last.

I give Brown Sugar and Fig Fine Fragrance Mist a 8/10, review-wise due to longevity, nostalgia, and usability. This one is a limited edition scent, so pick it up soon if you're a fan!


  1. love this review! thanks!!

    1. No problem! Glad someone out there likes Brown Sugar & Fig! :)


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