Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wickless Wednesday: Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette Review

It's time to start a new trend around here!

Once a week, I'll be reviewing a product that DOESN'T burn, be it soaps, perfumes, tarts, wax, etc.

So, here's to the first Wickless Wednesday!

I've always been pretty simple when it comes to perfume. It seems like, given the option, perfume isn't too high on my list of priorities. I'm a sucker for a great bargain, and I get that from my grandpa. Groupon hounds me about 39572934582 times each day about things that are on sale. Most of the time, I delete them out of fear of wasting money unnecessarily (read: candles and scents ARE NOT wasting money!). Every so often, Groupon definitely pays off.

About four months ago, I saw a deal for some perfume that, for all intents and purposes, was "expensive," upon researching the interwebsz. I've never really purchased fancy-schmancy perfume, so I took the plunge and bought it, a steal at $32 (and this is WITH shipping)!

Burberry Brit is a mildy sweet and sexy fragrance, a gentle mix of citrus, almond, and florals, with an ending vanilla note. While it doesn't last all day, it sure packs a powerful punch upon spraying! While most websites say this is the perfect "going out" fragrance, I find it does the job throughout the day, and have even received a few compliments about it! It has a cool box and bottle, too. The only reason it was on sale is because it came out in 2003, so while it's an "older" style, I think it remains contemporary almost ten years later. This scents is perfect for someone my age, perfect for someone who wants a perfume more substantial than what a simple spray offers, but not "White Diamonds." Smelling this scent definitely makes me want to try another Burberry fragrance, and I guess they are pretty popular since they make tons of scents for both men AND women!

...Wow, I sound so out of touch.

Anyways, I give this perfume 7/10. I would have liked it to have a little more staying power, but it smells amazing, regardless. If you like citrusy, bright, feminine, and sexy perfumes, track this one down!


  1. This is one of my signature scents and I gave it a really thorough review on Fragrantica. I love the bergamot, almond, mahogany and vanilla in it. It's amazing but I agree, it's not a bombshell, in your face, like "White Diamonds", another favorite of mine. Very chic and elegant simple scent. Great blog you have here, I too LOVE scents and all things perfumed!
    Cheers! Lian

    1. "White Diamonds" is very nostalgic for me! Great picks for favorite perfumes! Burberry Brit his one perfume I never tire of, I am finding, it's very well balanced and not in-your-face!

      Thanks for commenting, I am looking forward to reading your blog! :)


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