Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Review: Kim's Tarts Cranberry Spice

This one might need a name change.

Cranberries, in my opinion, are tart, they are tangy, and turkey...wait, scratch that last part (though cranberries do go really well with turkey). Those tiny, delicious berries, red and glistening at the Thanksgiving table, just waiting to be consumed...OK, LAUREN, STOP! What's wrong with you?!

If this Kim's Tarts was called, say, Cherry Slushie, or Cherries Jubilee, or Cherry Tang, or Cherry ANYTHING, I would have been inclined to purchase that anyways given my new-found love of all things cherry scented...

...but Cranberry Spice this is not.

It's just not, folks. To me, this is straight-up cherry and maybe a little bit of alcohol mixed in. There's no spice whatsoever; I maybe smelled it one time in the few hours I was melting this scent. On cold throw, it might have smelled like cranberry, so I let it sit for about a week just to be sure it wasn't just a time/cure thing...

I'm very sorry to say I didn't like this one because I had such high hopes. It is so artificially sweet and fruity that it sort of made me sick. In fact, that's EXACTLY what it smelled like: cherry cough syrup! I really enjoyed the Sinus Relief from Kim's Tarts, but this one was a huge miss for me. In fact, I couldn't wait until it was finished melting so I could air out the house and start something new. I'm sorry, Kim! Don't hate me!


Kim's Tarts Cranberry Spice
Cold Rating: 4/10, it might be appealing when lit, but it was just average on cold throw.
Lit Rating (for these tart reviews, substitute LIT for WARM): 3/10, artificially sweet, not really cranberry and definitely no spice.
Throw Rating: 6/10, unfortunately strong.
Overall Rating: 4/10, and most of this comes from throw; overabundance of weird (and lingering), fake cherry smell; bitter disappointment; childhood gaggings of Robitussin.

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