Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Wax Review: October 20-21

Is there such a thing as too much wax?

...No, no, I don't think there is.

I burned A LOT of wax this weekend. I just couldn't stay satisfied with one scent for very long! Usually, I stick with one fragrance all day, but lately, I have been randomly switching out my warmers mid-day. No biggie, it just means a cacophony of scents. :)

In the bathroom, I melted Cinnamon Bear all weekend. It smells so wonderful, and this scent does wonders in a small room. It really and truly smells like a package of cinnamon gummy bears!

In the living room, I burned Spiced Pumpkin again while hanging out with some of my good friends. We watch a little bit of "Sons of Anarchy," "Extreme Couponing," and playing with our pup. Good times! My friend also brought over Gold Canyon's Sugar Cookie; as you well know, we are not the biggest bakery fans in the world, but this scent was, in a word, FANTABULOUS...actually, that's NOT a word, but who cares! Heavy on the vanilla, sugary, like we were actually baking cookies! YUM! It was amazing, it smelled like my grandma's holiday cookies I look forward to each year, multiple times a year... *HINT HINT, NANA!* :)

The bedroom, though, is where I seem to have done the most damage. I melted:

-Tiffany Candles' Pumpkin Pie Spice in a scent shot, in honor of Laura. Josh said we should melt this because she always made an awesome pumpkin pie right around this time of year. *sigh* We melted this one for almost 16 hours, actually, on accident. The scent lasted until we woke up! Definitely a winner.

-Tiffany Candles' Winter Dreams in a scent shot, not sure what the description of this one was, but it was hit or miss, and didn't last very long, surprisingly!

-Tiffany Candles' Stress Relief, 4oz jelly jar style. Burned this for about an hour and fell asleep while it was melting, so I had to turn it off. NO NAPS WHILE BURNING!! I loved this one, it's faintly medicinal, though. The blend of lavender and sage can really be smelled in this candle. It's just great!

-Bath & Body Works' Leaves, but in the 14.5oz 3-wick. Classic Fall scent, one of my top 10 favorite candles EVER.

-Bath & Body Works' Lavender Vanilla, 14.5oz 3-wick...needed to de-stress for a bit, and this is the perfect calming scent!

-The Bathing Garden's "Snowed In," which left both Josh and I equally impressed and unimpressed. The scent was SO STRONG when we first started melting it, but it fizzled quickly.

-JMae's Soaps & Candles' Black Raspberry Vanilla, which I will be doing a full review of as soon as I can! :)

...actually, this doesn't seem like very much stuff.

I missed a KILLER sale at Bath & Body Works this weekend online, but that's okay. I really don't need any more wax.

Have a good week, everyone!!

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