Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review: Tiffany Candles' Rosemary Mint

There are only two words to describe Tiffany Candles' Rosemary MintAbsolute. Relaxation.
Tiffany Candles has to be my favorite online vendor so far, inching out The Bathing Garden by [__] <-- this much. Tiffany and her husband Gary make such amazing products: their wax is highly scented and their products are sold at a reasonable price; they last a long time, they make unique scents...everything you'd want from a tart/candle vendor. As of right now, you need to let their products "cure," which basically means let them sit, unmelted, for at least a week or more. Curing the tarts makes their scent stronger and gives you a longer lasting fragrance. According to Gary, in the next few weeks, Tiffany Candles will roll out a new type of STRONGER, BETTER wax! THEY ARE KILLING ME with all these amazing changes, Smalls! I have melted quite a few of their products, each fantastic, and Rosemary Mint is no exception when it comes to greatness. :)

Do you see those little heart tarts in the above photo? Take a good, long look at them. They hold some sort of magical, mystical powers. These green hearts had the ability to make our entire house smell amazing; in fact, I'm surprised you can't smell them from here! For 24 hours straight, no joke, Rosemary Mint kept going with fragrance perfection. I forgot to turn the warmer off one night, and I woke up at about 3am and thought, "Oh, it still smells just as powerful as it did when I fell asleep. Cool. Zzzzzzzzzzzz..." I purchased this scent, along with Lavender Vanilla and Stress Relief (two other phenomenal options from Tiffany Candles, which will be reviewed separately), in one of their signature 'jar of heart tarts,' which costs $9.99. You get 12 of their 0.7-0.8 ounce tarts per jar, and I personally like to melt them two at a time. With a 24 hour scent throw (which I'm sure is atypical, results may vary, obviously), I'd say I definitely got my money's worth. Plus, they were too cute to pass up!

Rosemary Mint brings an eclectic mix of softness and in-your-faceness. One minute, the scent is slight and subdued, and just when you think it's time to turn off the warmer, BANG! There's another strong whiff of this brilliant aroma. You might not think these two scents would mesh well together, but boy, do they ever! Really, and honestly, this is one of my top 10 favorite scents. If you get the opportunity to purchase from Tiffany Candles, give Rosemary Mint a try, even if it's just a scent shot. You won't be disappointed if this is something you might find on your scent-o-scale*!

*patent pending

Tiffany Candles' Rosemary Mint
Cold Rating: 6.5/10; surprisingly minty, refreshingly rosemary-y.
Lit Rating: 9/10; superb, everything you could ever want in a relaxing, fresh scent. So revitalizing, and the scent lasted 24 hours!
Throw Rating: 8/10; absolutely the best tart I've melted, throw-wise. This one made the entire house smell like a spa for an entire day AFTER it had melted for 24 hours!
Overall Rating: 8.5/10; close to perfection, I must visit a day spa soon, strange desire to make focaccia bread, minty madness and a fresh-scented house!


  1. I love that they are hearts....but I think I like the idea of a mint and rosemary scent even more! I've been loving herby scents more and more....maybe Tiffany's Candles will be put on my Christmas list!


    1. You should definitely try their products! They announced a lot of new changes in the past week, such as a new form of wax that you don't need to let cure! HOORAY FOR NO WAIT TIMES!! :)


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