Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review: Ollie's Soaps Harvest

In case you missed the memo, I love fall and winter. All things about these seasons make me so ridiculously happy it's not even funny. They are only enhanced by wonderful smells and fragrances wafting through the air.

Fall has some of the best scents: crisp apples, falling leaves, baking spices, pumpkin, seasonal fruits, dewy trees...ahhh, just thinking about it makes me smile!

...well, some of the smile might be attributed to what I have warming in my tart burner right now.

I heard about Ollie's Soaps from VintageChic1927, another AMAZING YouTuber who reviews scented products. Ayano A. is the owner of Ollie's Soaps; as the name implies, they sells soaps, bath products and lotions, sugar scrubs, but they also makes and sells wax clamshells. YIPPEE!! Her shipping was EXTREMELY fast, correspondence was smooth, and her products (well, at least her wax ones) are exceptional. I purchased a 3-pack of clamshells for $9 and also received 3 FREE SAMPLES. How cool is that!? I am super excited to review those samples, especially since they are unique sounding fragrances. These Etsy shops seem to really have it down!

Currently, I am melting Harvest, which is a dupe of Yankee Candle's very popular fall scent. Even though I've never actually smelled or tried Harvest from Yankee, Ollie's Soaps does a pretty good job of delivering a fall-infused punch! On cold throw, the scent is very slight, so I was worried that I might not be able to smell anything once it was warming. I am very glad I was wrong. The scent is great: spicy, musky, with a hint of sweetness and fruitiness. It's definitely not smack-you-in-the-face powerful, but it's a wonderful, refreshingly fall scent. Just when I think it's at the end of its life, I get another wonderful whiff of cinnamon and clove, or apple and musk.

I am SO GLAD online vendors exist. Sometimes, you want to try something different and support the "little" companies while doing so. Most of the time, I'd much rather purchase from an independent/mom & pop/Etsy shop because I know they put the time, effort, and love into making their products the best for their customers. OlliesSoaps is no exception. I can't wait to purchase from them again!


Ollie's Soaps Harvest
Cold Rating: 5/10, not a strong smell when cold, made me nervous.
Lit Rating (for these tart reviews, substitute LIT for WARM): 6/10, decent and pleasant without being overpowering or annoying!
Throw Rating: 7/10, I could actually smell this up to the bathroom, but not into the living room.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10; enjoyable smell of a harvest bounty, lingering on throughout the day, scent has self-revitalization, lovely!

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