Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Haul: K's Kreations Haul #4!

K's Kreations was taking part in a series of flash sales hosted by the Veteran Candles Makers Association (VCMA) a week or so ago. Some of her items were on sale, and I got to partake in a few holiday items! Here's what I got!
These are the samples she sent me! Of course, with every order, she includes the really cool rose pen (which I think is made from some sort of tape or something). LOVE these pens! She also sent me little flower shaped samples in Miss Scarlett's Cookie Bread (which I've had before and liked just fine) and Coconut Cream Pie (which isn't really my scent).
She also sent a sample in Magical Fluff, which I LOVE. Even if I don't care for the samples vendors send, I truly appreciate their sentiment! Thank you to Kathy for thinking of your customers and sending samples. :)
Even though this wasn't part of the VCMA sale, I *had* to get this rainbow bracelet. I've been eyeing it since Kathy listed it on her website. I absolutely love this thing, it is so cool! Love wearing it!
She was offering her aroma bead sachets at a cheaper price, so I picked one up in Pink Sugar. I may put this in my car and see how the scent throws in there. w0ot!
I should have known better than to buy chapstick/lip balm, I am really picky with what chapstick I buy. Kathy's lip balm is just fine, but I miss my medicated stuff that I've used for years. The lemondrop pucker flavor is nice, but this just ain't for me!
Some of her new scents that I purchased that weren't part of the VCMA sale. I really like 3 out of 4, but Nilla Sugared Poundcake just isn't my cup of tea. I love her rainbow blends, as well as her fluff blends. Delish!
The main reason I purchased stuff during the VCMA sale: these AWESOME votive candles and holders! These are things I can have out during the holidays and reuse for many years to come. Eskimo Kiss smells like wintergreen life savers, and Magical Christmas is a spicy yet sweet pine scent. These will be in our home for a long time!
Here are the fall votive candles and holders. These can be displayed on our fireplace as well. Very cute decorations. Primitive Bliss smells like a creamy spiced apple cider, and Pickin' Punkins smells pumpkins and spice mixed with crisp autumn air and pine. Delicious decisions, I'm only sorry I didn't buy them all, LOL!

Anyways, here's my haul, and this is one of the last orders I'm placing until possibly Black Friday, assuming there are good sales this year. Have you tried K's? Anything look or sound good to you? Let me know! Have a great week, friends!


  1. LOVE those votive holders!!

    I'm kinda picky about lip balms too. I just started using Yes To Carrots brand 'lip butter' and am loving it. The only one I saw at my store was mint, and that's fine, but I wonder if there are others. I also like Burt's Bees pomegranate one. In private vendors I really like Haus of Gloi's and Goat Milk Stuff's lip balms.


  2. The rainbow bracelet is cute.


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