Monday, October 14, 2013

Random Picture Post: Non-Waxy Photos From the Last Few Weeks #6!

It's been a while! :)
I'm sorry, does Mike Tyson watch over you while you eat burgers in your local restaurants? NO? I didn't think so. #SanDiegoProblems
THE FRIDGE, IN ALL ITS GLORY!!!!!! It was dented on the side slightly in transit, but oh well, WE HAVE A FRIDGE!!! YAY!!!
Inside view, it will never be this clean or pretty ever again. It's almost identical to our old fridge...
I won this cool pie from Audra, who owns IHeartWax! It's in Pink Sugar, Marshmallow Cream, Vanilla Mint, and it smells heavenly!!! Thanks again for offering a great giveaway, Audra!
This pink mustache has been all over town lately on various different cars. I Googled it the other day and it turns out it's for an app, like a taxi service app. I must get my hands on this pink mustache!
Zoya's Tomoko was my latest manicure and I am in love with the polish. It's textured, which usually isn't my thing, but this color looks like diamonds on your nails. It's so shimmery, so glittery, so brilliant. LOVE IT!!
August/September is a dead zone for movies. All the crap comes out during this time, it seems. But, we caught this good movie the other day called "Instructions Not Included." It's a foreign language film (Spanish) and TOTALLY one you should see. It's really funny, but it's also pretty sad. Definitely one to watch in any form (theater, DVD, on-demand).
This doesn't really need any explanation. Unfortunately, this movie sucked. It had a promising title but was really bad. Read our review here.
This is the saddest thing I've had to do in a while. "Breaking Bad" ended last Sunday and I am still not over it. Luckily, the finale was such a high ending point for such an amazing, brilliant TV show. Another thing to check out, if you can. Goodbye "Breaking Bad," it's been a fun ride.

Only a few photos this time around, but I will have more on Wednesday and I show our Halloween decorations! Also, hope you're all well, we've been having an interesting few weeks to say the least. See ya, friends!


  1. I am having major fridge envy! That pink mustache thing is up here in SF, too. It's a good idea, but makes the "real" taxi drivers really angry. If there were more (affordable) taxis around, we wouldn't need a service like this!

    1. At some point, it was going to be almost half the cost of the new fridge to fix the old one, so we just invested in a new model. And we're glad we did!

      Agreed about the taxi app service thing...I've never been in one because it would hurt watching the meter go up, up, up!!

  2. ROFL @ #SanDiegoProblems

    Your new fridge is gorgeous!!!!! and your manicure is pretty too :)

    Omg... I can't believe Breaking Bad is over :( The BEST show ever!!!
    I'll for sure be picking up the DVD set once it comes out and Costco carries it.

    ps... Mike Tyson is looking pretty good these days lol

    1. My hubby and I have been watching Mike Tyson's documentary series on Fox Sports One, and it has really been interesting!

      Thanks, we are so happy to have a new fridge. Those repair costs were going to be insane. :(

      I am STILL SAD about Breaking Bad! It is definitely one to own on DVD, that's for sure. Re-runs will always be welcome!

      Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. That fridge looks awesome!!!!! And Mike with the pigeons creeps me out. Like he wants to go all Ozzy on them or something. Congrats on the prize! Sounds like an amazing blend. Now all we need are cars driving around with beards.

    1. I thought the exact same thing about Mike Tyson with the pigeons, LOL! He definitely has some Ozzy-thoughts going on!

      Thanks! The owner of IHeartWax basically asked what I want and I told her something pink pepperminty. It smells sooooo good!


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