Sunday, October 27, 2013

Surprise Package: Goodies from Deb at ...It's Always Something...!

Deb over at ...It's Always Something... has sent me two, count 'em TWO packages in the last month or so. She is the best, and I wanted to share what she sent me with you all! Deb, you're really awesome for doing this. :)
I had to share this cool orange envelope with adorable Peanuts stickers on it! YAY! I love stickers, and I love Peanuts, and I love orange. IT'S LIKE SHE KNEW MY FAVORITE THINGS. :) Also, Deb, I love your handwriting.
First off, she had sent me a sampling of some of the goats milk soaps she made. I was floored she let me try these! They smell divine, I love the autumn sunset one. I cannot wait to use them. I sort of waited at least a month in case they needed "cure time." I don't know if she same rule applies to homemade soap as it does with wax, so I just figured I'd wing it. LOVE these, they are so very great smelling.
She also sent me this adorable plug-in wax warmer from Scentsationals! She knows that Josh and I have a beach themed bathroom, and said she thought it'd go great in there...AND IT DOES! I love having a warmer in the bathroom. It is really sturdy and heavy-duty, so I'm not worried about anything spilling or falling out or anything. Love this piece!
She also included a 4-pack of Cranberries Sprinkled with Sugar from Front Porch. I really like this scent and have been hoarding my last grubby, so now I don't have to worry!
She also sent Cranberry Cobbler from Sweet Fixations, which smells delightful, and Pumpkin & Apples from Front Porch, one of my all-time favorite fall scents.
Deb knew I wanted to try Sea Breeze Scents & Things, so she also included some single tarts in Cranberry Peach Cider and Pumpkin Cheesecake! WOOHOO! Also, two pumpkin tarts from Daphne's in Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar. I can't wait to compare that one to her review.
Finally, she included two cubes in Boardwalk in a Bottle, to compare to Bath & Body Works' Summer Boardwalk. YAY!
The second package was a Halloween themed package. LOOK AT THE STICKERS!! AGHHHH! I love Peanuts, as I said above, and have always loved them, so this made me ridiculously happy to see again! :)
The photo doesn't do this mobile justice! It's SO sparkly and glittery, two things I adore! It's so cute. We've put it up outside next to the creepy screaming head in a cage to balance out the evil, LOL.
COOKIES!! YUM! This thing was delish. Josh and I split it (he says thank you, too, BTW, Deb!).
Not sure that I've mentioned it here on my blog, but I am obsessed with making lists and post-it notes. I was SO EXCITED when I saw this stack of skeleton post-its! HUZZAH! Time to begin more list-making. :D
She also sent along some wax tarts, too! This little turtle from Sea Breeze Scents & Things is freaking adorable and I named her Stacey. Unfortunately, she's going to be in waxy heaven soon. Goodbye, Stacey, we hardly knew thee. ')
On the left is CANDY CORN! Josh also had a bit of this, too. I haven't had candy corn in quite a while, so it was just enough to satisfy my Halloweeny urge for the stuff. On the right is 2 cubes of Better Homes & Garden's Warm Autumn Memories. This scent smells so good, woodsy and cologne-y. I am going to melt this on Halloween day!
Another tart she sent is Sweet Fixations' Pumpkin Patch. Another winner, IMO! Smells creamy with a hint of sweetness. I'll also melt this on Halloween day!
The last tart in the box was Witches Brew from Back Home Scents & Suds. We melted this today. While the throw was amazing, the scent just wasn't up Josh's alley. He's not so much a patchouli fan. I don't mind it, I thought it had a nice sweetness from some sort of apple note. I'm looking forward to checking out this vendor and actually making a purchase!
As I "oooo'ed" and "awwww'ed" whilst opening this, Josh was hilarious as the fruit snacks came out of the box. "FRUIT SNACKS??? I'LL TAKE THOSE! YOINK!," he said, LOL. It was hilarious. I only got one of these, but it was tasty. ;)
Some of the stuff came in this cute little Halloween spider bag...

...and the package also included this adorable card! I love the puppy with his trick or treat bag! :)

Again, thank you so, so much for all the thought you put into these gifties, Deb! I truly appreciate it, AND YOU! And don't worry, the Thanksgiving Wax Fairy may or may not be gobblin' her way out to you... <3


  1. Deb is the best! Absolutely love her.
    I love that she sent you the scentsationals plug in that matches your bathroom decor!
    And her soaps ----you're going to LOVE them. I'm a huge fan and will be the first to start her fan page if she ever sells them again ;)

    1. Completely agreed, she's the best! :)

      Let me know when you make that fan page and I won't be far behind!

      Wasn't the plug-in warmer so thoughtful?! We really love it, it fits perfectly. :)

  2. That is so sweet of Deb!! You got some awesome stuff, enjoy!!

    Yeah when that fan page starts, I'm definitely looking at those soaps too!! :)
    Have a great week Lauren!!

    1. She was so generous to send me these gifties! Have a fantastic week, Ashley!

  3. My pleasure, Lauren! (And Josh!) I had so much fun putting the boxes together. I especially loved the non-waxy part of it. It doesn't always have to be about the wax in this waxy group. =)

    As for the soaps . . . soaps DO need cure time. Cure time for wax is a matter of opinion but curing in soap is a fact and necessity. And the soaps you got are well cured. I don't let mine go before they are ready.

    If your pumpkin shaped soap has a sort of white 'ash' look on the bottom, it's fine. It won't hurt anything. It's just something that happens sometimes, sort of like oxidation (?), this time from the particular mold I used and way I used it.

    I do have soaps available for anyone who wants to try/buy some, but I doubt I'll ever go into full scale like I was. If anyone is interested, just contact me and I'll let you know what is available. Maybe I could add a sidebar thing on my blog....?


    1. That's the cool thing I've seen in the wax community: it's not all about wax! We can share our interests and be part of cool little gift giving things like this. I just love it. You gals are the best! :)

      Lucky I decided to cure those soaps, I wanted to use them but decided against it! I will keep a look out for the white ash on the bottom of the pumpkin one!

    2. No no, the soaps were already cured before they ever left my house. My stuff is always ready to use when you get it. =)


    3. I seemed to have missed the most important part of your post "the soaps you got are well cured," LOL. I'm not feeling very well today, Josh has been sick all weekend and I think I'm catching it. Sorry for all my errors today. :)

  4. Awesome gifts! Deb is a gem! That nautical/beach warmer is too cool! Mmmmm! Cranberry chutney sounds yum. I am off to place my order....

    1. I KNOW, I haven't ever seen a warmer like that before! It fits perfectly. Let me know what you order!~ :)

  5. How nice!!! So my first thought reading this post was.....Hallloween!!! And how excited I am for it! My second thought...Sweet fixations Pumpkin Patch sounds yummy!!!!! :) Deb is so sweet!


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