Monday, March 10, 2014

Review: Rosegirls Tropical Passion

Winter seems to have skipped out on San Diego this year, except for last weekend.
I mean, I can count on one hand the number of days we've had that were "cold." Not that it ever gets that cold here to begin with, but it's sort of pointless to melt winter scents when it's 83 degrees outside.
Tropical Passion from Rosegirls continues with the tropical drink themed weekends I seem to be having lately. Unlike Pink Sangria from LSC, this scent DOES have coconut and pineapple notes in it, which isn't bad, just different! In fact, I think this scent is ALL pineapple and pina colada, if I'm not mistaken! As far as strength goes, this wasn't terribly strong, but it wasn't weak, either...just right in the middle for everything, actually. This lasted about 6-7 hours with a medium throw, which is usually good enough for me with a scent like this. I have had some pina colada types of scents from other vendors that are insanely strong, but this just didn't do it for me. It was nice as a background scent, but that's pretty much it. If you're looking for a tropical type of scent, Rosegirls has many, many other blends for this type of occasion!

Rosegirls Tropical Passion
Cold Rating6/10; pineapple and coconut goodness, but this is just medium!
Lit Rating: 5/10; again, just average warm throw. It's got all the classical elements of a pina colada.
Throw Rating5/10; sorry to be repetitive, but average throw as well, but it did last quite a while even though it was medium overall.
Overall Rating5/10; this scent is okay, but nothing truly different. More beverage scents. Boozie. Pretty yellow and pink chunks. I LOVE WAX CHUNKS!!! Needing a better fan for the living room because it's TOO.DANG.HOT. Running out of chunks from Rosegirls sampler!!


  1. Can't let you run out of RG chunks!!! That is a state if emergency! Lol glad you reviewed this. I was on my wish list but axing it now. Make room for other RG precious blends :-)

    1. I'm glad I could help lessen your list a bit...try something with Gilligan's Brew, it's much better.

  2. I think winter had the opposite effect here as we had possibly the worst winter ever lol! I wasn't a huge fan of RG Tropical Passion either, I melted it a few weeks ago and it smelled EXACTLY like a candy necklace to me. It was just overly sweet for my nose, I was hoping for a nice fresh pear, coconut and pineapple scent. Oh well! It never hurts to check one off of my ever-growing RG wishlist.

    1. It seems like I haven't heard rave reviews about Tropical Passion elsewhere as well. It's okay, though, RG makes up for it time a billion with their other scents. I like your description, a candy necklace! Genius description!

  3. I was interested in this at the start of your post, but with mentions of it being just too sweet I think I might be reconsidering.

    We're finally warming up here (53 degrees yesterday!), and more fruity/tropical scents are starting to appeal to me a bit more now. =)


    1. Yeah, some pina colada scents are too sweet, and some are just perfect. Might be that there is more pineapple in this? Not sure, but there are other, better tropical scents out there floating around!

      I am glad it's warming up! How about this weekend, no storms or snow?


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