Saturday, March 15, 2014

To Try: Influenster's J'Adore VoxBox!

I absolutely love Influenster. I have had the opportunity to test so many cool and new products FOR FREE I wouldn't have normally ever thought to try. Well, I got picked to take part in the J'Adore VoxBox, and I wanted to let you know how I felt about all of these products at first glance! Over the next week or two, I will go
You know it's a good day when the mail lady shows up with a big pink Influenster box of goodies! HUZZAH!!
Here's the informational card Influenster sent. They are always so colorful and fun looking.
This product is super obvious: Hershey's Kisses! Who doesn't love them?! These are delicious and fun to use in recipes, as well as eat by themselves. Can I have a Kiss? Yes, please! Did you know that Hershey's makes kisses with caramel now? And dark chocolate ones? Uhhhh, how is it possible to make something that's already great even better? I don't know, but Hershey's keeps doing it!
When I opened the box, this was the second item I saw, and I nearly fainted. If you remember, I've posted about my disdain and hatred for false eyelashes before on the blog...they just creep me out! I can't explain why...but they do. They are SO WEIRD. I might try these Kiss Looks so Natural eyelashes, but let's be real....I doubt it. I don't want to pull out my damn real eyelashes to try out these fake ones, you know? They do look natural, so I'll say that much is true.
My hair is boring. I never do anything with it. It's just straight and split-endy. I am interested to see how much more straight the John Frieda Frizz Ease will make my hair in just a couple of days. Does anyone know anything about products like this? I am willing to learn!
For a long time, I have thought about trying a clay mask to cleanse my face. I have really dry, red skin on my face, and besides the fact that I HATE IT, I would really like to fix it, especially now that I'm getting serious about makeup (LOL ADULT TIME). This Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask seems pretty neat! Also, I love the company's tag line "The Power of Plants." Seems earthy! Can't wait to try this stuff.
Tea and me have a love/hate relationship. I go through phases where I love tea and it's all I want to drink, and then there are times when I forget about it altogether. I am having an "on" tea time right now, so this is perfectly timed! I have never tried Red Rose tea, but I am really looking forward to trying this! This VoxBox came with 3 Creme Caramel teas and one Lemon Chiffon decaf tea.

So, THAT'S IT FOR THIS BOX! It's a decent one, folks! According to the Influenster website, I was supposed to get something from Vaseline, too, but I didn't, so it's all good.

Here's some info on where to follow these brands online!

-Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes:  Kiss Products on Facebook || @KissProducts on Twitter
-HERSHEY KISSES Milk Chocolate:  Hersheys Kisses on Facebook || @hersheyskisses on Twitter
-Vaseline Men Spray Lotion:  Vaseline on Facebook || @VaselineBrand on Twitter
-Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask: Boots Beauty USA on Facebook || @BootsBeautyUSA on Twitter
-John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray:  John Frieda US on Facebook  || @JohnFriedaUS on Twitter
-Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas:  Red Rose Tea on Facebook|| @ShareRedRoseTea on Twitter

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