Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: Streetman Candle's Raspberry/Strawberry/Bird of Paradise

Despite its (sometimes) recent dissent into crazy-town, the wax community is really awesome overall. I have had the opportunity to "meet" many cool people here, even some who I've become "waxage" friends (where we sending and receiving wax packages in the mail).
One of these friends is Jessi: you might know her from her YouTube videos.
She and I are embroiled in a wax war for the ages.
She lives in Canada, and Candles from the Keeping Room won't ship internationally. So, she has the orders sent to me and then I ship them to her (along with other wax goodies). day, unexpectedly, we got a knock at the door.
"I DIDN'T ORDER MORE WAX!!!" I shouted to Josh, perplexed.
"Streetman Candle Company? I haven't ordered anything but samplers from Heather in a while...huh?"

Upon opening, I noticed a letter written by Heather, the owner of Streetman. Jessi, the sneaky devil she id, bought me a bunch of wax as a thank you! I was so surprised and grateful! She and Heather tried to pick out blends they thought I would enjoy. (If you're reading this Jessi, just know, I have something in the works...mwahahahah).

One of the first scents from the box o' goodies that grabbed my attention was Raspberry/Strawberry/Bird of Paradise. Now, Bird of Paradise is a flower, but what could be in this scent? I'm not sure, but all I know is this is delicious! It's so juicy, so sweet, and STRONG!
This 2 ounce scent shot lasted about 7.5 hours total in my 24 watt hot plate. Only in the last 2 hours did it start to go down in strength. The thing about Heather's fruity scents is that they are never overwhelming in a bad way. Her raspberry and strawberry scents are some of my favorites in all of the wax community. Her raspberry isn't that floral one you find in some other vendors...nope, just straight fruity goodness here.
Josh loved this one, too! I don't see Bird of Paradise on her scent list as of right now, but I hope she changes that! This one is GOOD, folks.

Streetman Candle Company's Raspberry/Strawberry/Bird of Paradise
Cold Rating8/10; really nice smell right out of the "cold" gate, it's slightly tropical with hints of sugar, berries, and perhaps some citrus?
Lit Rating: 8/10; mmmmmm! We both loved this one! Super strong while melting, stayed that way for many hours. Didn't get tired of this one like I do with some fruit blends from other vendors. Heather has a knack for combining scents!
Throw Rating: 8/10; pretty great as far as throw and I could smell this a little in various parts of the house. Sweet and ripe-fruit-smelling.
Overall Rating8/10; another Streetman winner, excellent combination! What is in Bird of Paradise? Crazy 8's. Loving uber-fruity scents for Spring this year. Finding words to describe said fruits as "juicy." Mira I started juicing. Gin & Juice. "Juice" starring Tupac Shakur. "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry feat. Juicy J. Random tangents about juice.


  1. I went to a passion party once where my nick name was...... Juicy Julie. I think bird if paradise is strawberry, tropical fruits and green notes. Jessi seems super sweet and I love her pics on Instagram. It is a blessing to have friends like this. <3 I think I need to place a streetman order in May.

    1. I love your Juicy Julie nickname, lol! That is so fun!

      Bird of Paradise may have had that slight green note to it, but it doesn't come out too much here. This blend was really nice!

      Agreed, it's nice to have friends who you can send stuff to if you're thinking about them!! <3


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