Sunday, October 4, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: August 2015's Flicker Box Review!

Ahoy, friends! Here's my review for the August Flicker Box, sorry again for my lateness. :(
The box, all wrapped up in a neat bow.
The card detailing the contents of August's box. The theme this month was Wild West. Do you spy something on there that I love?! I DO, I DO!!
Illume luxuary candles sent a Cactue Verde scented one wick soy candle. This is a demi vanity candle and is really pretty. The gorgeously printed and designed top comes off to reveal the candle and instantly, I was hit with fragrance. This was such an excellent scent! A bit of a sea salted air meets light floral freshness scent. I have no had any problems burning this at all, so I'll give it an 8/10.
I SPY PADDYWAX! YAY!! I love Paddywax and have had tremendously good luck with their candles. This is their 7 ounce Desert candle in Cactus Flower & Sage. WOW. This one is slow to start, but really amps up over time. The scent is beautiful and the jar even more so. The orange glass container has a lid on top that is complete with a pull-top of twine and a very lovely card and arrow accent. These candles might be expensive, but by george, they are worth it. I give this a 7/10. Like I said, it takes a while for the scent to build, but even in a larger room, I can smell this really well after a while. Lovely!!
I must admit, I laughed a little when I saw the name of this candle from Soap For Your Soul was Peyote. It made me think of Beavis and Butt-head for some weird reason. This is a soy wax candle with an eco wick. This candle smells pretty sweet mixed with a combination of what I can only describe as clean scents. Limey, maybe some grapefruit, heavy citrus plus that weird fresh scent. It's not bad! It sort of smells like a detergent, but that might just be in my head. It throws decent, too. 6.5/10. Just look at that cool business card, too!
Stay thirsty, my friends!


  1. That Paddywax candle!!! So gorge! And you like those cactus/sea salt scents! Perfect! So. I have been meaning to try Soap For Your Soul soap on Etsy for ages! And you get a candle from them! Too funny. That's it. I need a Paddywax candle.

    1. Let me know if you order from them, I am interested in this company a lot more since I tried this candle!

      Paddywax is AWESOME!!!

  2. Gimme that Paddywax candle now. It is a beauty! Another great box, I'm so glad you are getting these and reviewing them!

    1. You would LOVE Paddywax! Have you tinkered with the idea of placing an order with them?

  3. Would have liked to see a side view of the Paddywax candle. It doesn't look like a regular straight jar or piller. Is it?

    Cool that there is a candle box, and that you're enjoying. =)



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