Saturday, October 3, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: September 2015's Treatsie Box Review!

The September Treatsie subscription box review will be my last. The day I received this box, I went and cancelled my subscription, and it's not because of this box, it's a bunch of things added up into one big pain in my ass.

As you might know, I have been unhappy with this box for quite some time. Between a lack of variety, not being able to personalize your box (which isn't so much of a big deal, but still a complaint), the box taking waaaay too long to ship if you do their "add to box," and their lack of prompt response when contacting customer service, I am just done with it. Plus, I have gotten more than my fair share of broken or melted items, gross products, or things that looked like they might have been sitting somewhere on a shelf for a while. I was ecstatic about a candy/sweet treats box, but now, I have allocated my funds from this box elsewhere to a box I, quite frankly, care more about. Anyways, let's get into these reviews.
The box.
The card.
Marlo's Bakeshop sent along their soft baked biscotti in the following flavors:

-Banana Bread: nope. Too mapley, too bananay, ew. 2/5.

-Midnight: this one was better, but all of this biscotti tasted stale. Is that how it's supposed to taste? Anyways, it was chocolate and espresso and both the flavors were there. 3.5/5.

-Original: chocolate chips, walnuts, and chocolate covered raisins??!!! What!? Weird combo. This biscotti was fine, but nothing special. 2.5/5.
Frittle from Newfangled Creations is both a repurchase for me and a repeat from at least one other Treatsie box. I really like this product. It's basically small pieces of peanut brittle, but they are much softer than normal peanut brittle. 5/5, an excellent product.
Salty Road's salted caramel apple salt water taffy is the last item in this box. YUM! W really liked this as it was a good balance of caramel, apple, and salt flavors. We love taffy, even if it pulls at your teeth in bad ways. 4/5.
I have said all I can say about Treatsie. Who knows? Maybe in a few months, I might be inspired by the reviews of others to re-up my subscription, but right now, I am content without it. Sorry, y'all, maybe when you work out your kinks.


  1. The Frittle is the only thing that grabs me in that box. A bust. I say you gave them quite a fair chance!

    1. You would Frittle, I suggest you try it! It is such a good product!

  2. There are other candy / treat boxes out there. Will you try a different one?

    Soft baked biscotti sounds interesting to me. I'm always afraid of biscotti because the rare times I've had it, it was like rock hard and then crumbly sawdust. I couldn't get past the chore it was just to have a bite to even be able to find any flavor.


    1. Exactly my experience with biscotti, too. It's been hard, crumbly, and dry. It *IS* a chore to bite them when it hurts your teeth to do so!

      I have had my eye on a few other sweet/treat boxes, but I haven't decided if I want to take the plunge/will continue to look for coupon codes for them.


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