Sunday, October 11, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: September 2015's Vellabox Review!

I'm back with my review for the September Vellabox subscription! Woot woot! Look at me, all stayin' on top of it and such (only 11 days late instead of an entire month lololol).
The box!
Upon opening the box, the business card for this month's featured company greeted me instead of Vellabox's usual woodenish card.
Hand in Hand Sustainable Suds is the company featured in this month's box. It's from their Espere collection, the Haitian Creole word for 'hope.'
Here it is, wrapped up all nice in a cloth wrap, which I love!
The candle! Gorgeous label, right? This candle is in the scent Almond, one of my favorite scents.
Side view. This is a 4 ounce candle, by the way, so it's smaller in nature. Hand poured in Philly, GMO free.
 Last view of the label.
The lid! I absolutely love the typeface of this candle, what a neat, elegant font!
The bottom of the candle. 100% soy wax, made in the USA, my favorite. This scent smelled wonderful and very accurate and calming when I first opened the lid. Almond is super relaxing in my opinion, The first day, I burned this one for about 4 hours. The second day, I burned it for another 3 hours, but got massive tunneling. Ever since then, unfortunately, this has been the case and it has not corrected itself. The throw also diminished slightly it seems, but I can still smell wisps of this from time to time while it's lit. I think I would buy a different, more prominently noticeable scent if I ever order from this company as almond can tend to me more muted in scent, even though I love how fresh and clean it smells. I have burned this a total of 4 times, and am still over well over the halfway mark in terms of how much candle is left. If anything changes as far as performance, I will amend this post, but for now, it's nothing a little aluminum foil topper won't fix.

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