Monday, October 26, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: October 2015's Vellabox Review!

Howdy, friends! It's almost Halloween, yay! And then, Turkey day! And finally, CHRISTMAS!!! WOOHOO!!!

I have been having tons of fun receiving my Vellabox subscription box each month. It seems like they always feature interesting, new vendors and scents to me, which I love! This October, in lieu of purchasing the Treatsie service, I allocated the money from that box to "upping" my Vellabox subscription from the Standard box ($10/month + $2 shipping) to the Aficionado (1 monthly candle around 8 ounces with a 50ish hour burn time for $20/month). In a hasty decision, I screwed something up with my subscription and emailed the company with a question about my mess up. In less time than it took to craft my email to them, I had a response and a very swift resolution. Let me just say, the customer service from Vellabox has always been outstanding and I really appreciate everything they do to put out a quality product! :)

Let's take a looksie inside the box!
The outside, bigger box!
A lovely card donned the inside flap of the box. "Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness." GREAT quote!!
The card with this month's content. I couldn't help but be a little jealous of this month's standard offering, APPLE PUMPKIN. Gah! Maybe I just need to get both the standard and the aficionado boxes, LOL!
This month's contents came with a gorgeous plaid wrapping, the perfect look for fall in every way. It makes my Southern California heart ache that somewhere in the country, people can wear stuff like this and get away with it. Here? It'll be 87 degrees this weekend. *sad tears*
October's candle is from a new to me company called One Grid Candle Company. This is a 10 ounce soy wax blend candle made in the USA. They offer "candles with a purpose." Isn't that just about the coolest phrase? The candle is touted as  "premium," and with a scent like tea & tobacco, well, it's obviously luxurious, too!
Side view of the gorgeous label and their "mission statement."
As per their company website, "With every candle purchase, OneGrid will deliver a solar light to a person living without electricity in a rural part of the world. One World. One Light. One Grid." This is such an amazing idea! I love that this company gives back and it will make buyers feel like they are contributing to their cause in some small way.
The fragrance of this candle is black tea and rich, earthy tobacco, and let me tell you, they mean it. The fragrant, sort of sweet tobacco melanges nicely with the unmistakable black tea fragrance with smaller background notes of sage and a slight spice to create an alluring, intoxicating blend. I wouldn't have ever picked this scent for myself, but boy oh boy, is it ever good. It's a very mature scent, not at all like the cotton candy funnel cake bubble gum sherbet scents most online wax vendors are known for popularly.
love this scent! I have burned it just 3 times for the recommended 3-4 hour stretches, but each time, it has easily filled the kitchen and living room with a wonderful, medium-strong scent. It took a while to pool out each burn, but I am so impressed by this candle, it doesn't matter how long it takes to pool out. I can't wait to place my own order and feel good about doing it knowing I am making a difference, however small it may be.
Lighten Up Shoppe also sent along a bonus gift for the Aficionado box in the form of a lavender epsom salt bath soak packet. A couple pieces had fallen out of the bag and onto my bed, but I see no holes in the bag. I threw it in a ziploc just in case. I don't take baths, unfortunately, so I will have to pass this on to someone else. Anyone want it? ;)
There's my October Vellabox, Aficionado style! Have you subscribed? Have you heard of/purchased from One Grid?


  1. Yes please. I will take your candle too. HA! Seriously. That candle sounds amazing. Going to go check them out. Great box! Sorry about the apple pumpkin candle. I say go for it. You can never have too many candles right?

    1. I totally thought of you when I opened this candle. It is right up your alley! This was an excellent box. Do you want some the epsom salt? ;)


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