Saturday, October 24, 2015

Subscription Box Corner: September 2015's Flicker Box Review!

It took me a while to try some of the stuff from September's Flicker Box because a few of the items didn't appeal to be at first, so I kept them in my wax room and didn't look back. Anyways, let's jump into the box's contents!
The box.
September's theme was County Fair. This immediately made me nervous because caramel and popcorn scents are terrible to my nose. I'm probably the only person
Copper & Kraft has been featured in this box before. This Cotton Candy is a larger candle than the Funnel Cake one below. It's surprisingly accurate on cold sniff. Unfortunately, the throw is light, which was my concern when I saw this. It's sweetness is infrequent, though nice. Bummer. I will keep burning this one and see if it improves.
Not my normal kind of scent, Funnel Cake is surprisingly realistic as well! Their bakery scents are real nice. This one is a little sweet, a little fried, very bakery, quite nice! I don't know if I'd choose this for myself, but I don't hate it. Medium throw, sometimes sporadic wisps of scent.
Eco Candle Company has been featured in this box as well. I had so-so luck with my first candle from them, so it was exciting to see some more products from them.
Apple Orchard is a clean, crisp apple scent. It's nice, but a little one note. I have burned this about half a dozen times and I've had the same results every time. It's weird that when these candles burn, there are always holes/bubbles underneath the wax. Not a big deal, but one time one of them seemed to POP really loudly and it scared us, lol. I like the look and packaging of this brand.
Melted Caramel tea lights! Yay! These smell soooooooooo good! Very accurate and sticky smelling. Though I like these, the throw seems to dissipate over time. Great little burns. Also, 10 of them is a bit much. I will be giving some of these to friends!
There's my review! Have you tried this subscription box yet? Anything calling to you?


  1. All of these sound yummy to me. I always say I'm going to use scented tea lights more often, and I never do. We have several tea light / votive holders that could easily be scattered around. So why do I always forget to look for them? Duh me.


    1. This box had you written all over it between the caramel tea lights and the funnel cake candle! You need to use some scented tea lights STAT!


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