Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: Bath & Body Works' Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin

Fall is such a great season. It is the beginning of holiday baking, allows us to carve pumpkins, excitement for Christmas starts looming, and is just filled with joy in general! Nothing says 'autumn' like a hearty pan of pumpkin cupcakes, cinnamon and spices filling the air, and a hot cup of apple cider to tide you over on a wispy, cool day.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin sure does the trick! It is much more muted than Spiced Pumpkin from Yankee Candle, but then again, the operative word of this candle is "SWEET." There is definitely vanilla cream in this fragrance, as indicated by the scent description, which is not off-putting at all! In fact, the vanilla does a good job at NOT being the superstar, as per usual. This is not to say I don't enjoy Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, because I really do! It's strong without being imposing, pumpkiny without being hit in the face with a gourd, spicy without being choked with clove buds, etc; though the first scent note I get from this IS clove, I don't mind at seems like a lot of the candle folk online do not like overly spicy scents...MORE FOR ME, then! :)

And hey, take a look at that burn! I have been having so many problems with Slatkin/White Barn/Bath& Body Works' wicks this year and I was surprised to see a candle that ACTUALLY worked well and fast. Probably half of the candles I've purchased this year from B&BW have had uneven burns, low scent throws because of uneven burns, thin and flimsy's sort of been a tragedy. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin had a fantastic burn, even when burned two or three days later! It was satisfying to get a candle that did what it was supposed to do.

Unfortunately, I waited too long to post this review, and this scent is no longer in a 14.5 oz. candle anymore. They released the fall candles right on the cusp of summer's end and quickly got rid of them to make room for the new winter lines. It's a shame because I had a few family members in mind who would have gotten a kick out of this fragrance. Oh well, onto the next scent line! If you can get your hands on this one, or it makes a triumphant return, go for it, you probably won't be disappointed!

Hey, candles at B&BW are 2/$20 again this week, and I'm not sure when it's ending. Check it out, you know where to find them!

Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Cold Rating: 6/10; sweet and spicy, pumpkin is muted, but this is not a deterrent.
Lit Rating: 7/10; perfect harmony of all of fall's classic fragrances: spices, pumpkin, and vanilla! Also, had fantastic performance, which is worth noting during this year of awful burns.
Throw Rating: 6.5/10; it took a while for the throw to smack me in the face, but once it was there, there was no stopping it.
Overall Rating: 6.5/10; an all-around great fall scent: nothing more, nothing less! :)

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