Thursday, May 9, 2013

Review: Candles From The Keeping Room's Watermelon Cotton Candy

As far as fruits go, watermelon is not my favorite. Pineapple? Yes. Oranges and bananas? Sure! Watermelon has the same problem as lettuce, it's too "watery" tasting. (weird, huh?)
This little tiny tart, however, smells amazing. It's fruity, juicy, sweet, and deliciously strong. Though I don't enjoy watermelon the food, I find I like watermelon in wax! I am glad because Watermelon Cotton Candy from Candles From The Keeping Room warrants an entire bag! Watermelon seems to mix well with the overpowering cotton candy, and Carol's take on this popular fragrance is pretty spot on. The throw was very strong, I could smell this throughout the house. This lasted about 7.5 hours, and only started to fizzle out the last hour or so of melting. I would definitely repurchase this...the blend is amazing!

Candles From The Keeping Room's Watermelon Cotton Candy
Cold Rating6/10; surprisingly, this was pretty strong...most of the time, I think that, since Carol uses strictly paraffin wax, I won't get any cold sniff scent, but with this, you got a nice mix of both cotton candy and watermelon.

Lit Rating: 8/10; again, surprisingly, lovely! You got the juiciness of the watermelon, the sweetness of the cotton candy, and the two blended very well together. IMPRESSED!
Throw Rating: 8/10; great throw with this scent, too! I got this in the far corner of the bathroom, and could even smell it when I went outside to empty the trash.
Overall Rating: 7/10; hatred of watermelon turns into love of the wax scent. Strength of this tarts means I will repurchase. Cotton candy reminds me of how much I hate clowns.


  1. Hi! I wanted to leave a note to say thank you for your blog. I've learned so much and enjoy your new posts immensely. I've just started melting and you've been a huge inspiration!!

    1. Hi! I am so glad your found me! It truly means a lot that you like my blog and can learn from it! If you need any tips, don't hesitate to leave me a comment and I can help you out the best I can! Have you made many order from online wax vendors? Happy melting! :)


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