Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wickless Wednesday: Llarowe Nail Polish Haul #1!

Nail polish, about 10 years ago, would have been a foreign concept to me. I used to think it made my nails and hands heavy. I guess I've outgrown it because I LOVE painting my nails now.

I have heard about Llarowe many times on Facebook, Twitter, and nail blogs, so I sauntered on over there about a week ago to check out the site. There is SO MUCH STUFF available for sale! The one nail polish I wanted was not available, drats. Eventually, I waited until it came back in stock before I placed my order. Here is is, my first Llarowe nail polish haul! Overall, I am very happy with my picks! :)
I had really good luck with the Color Club polish I received from Birchbox, so I decided to pick up a few colors that were on sale. 2 pinks, a blue, and a shimmery tint!
The top two are called Endless (a pale pink) and Pearl-Spective (a shimmery tint/top coat which makes everything better).
The bottom two are Factory Girl (gorgeous light blue) and Flamingo (which I am currently wearing now, and it is ~*FaBuLoUs~*!!
The reason for my order: piCture pOlish's blogger. Absolutely stunning glitter top coat! LOVE IT!! 
I also got Femme Fatale's Party Grenade, another great glitter top coat. Some of the glitter in this has diamond shapes, and it seems to be a larger glitter top coat as opposed to a superfine one.

Anywho, who makes YOUR favorite nail polish? Any tips, tricks, or points in the right direction on the how-to of nails? I'm looking forward to using all of these! :)

PS: Josh and I are building a nail polish rack with some of the wood we have, so I will finally have a place to keep my (small) stash! :)


  1. I am currently obsessed with Dollish Polish! Loving her stuff. I'm also planning on ordering from Scofflaw when she restocks on Sunday. Blogger is gorgeous!

    1. Dollish Polish, you say! I think I like them on Facebook...but I will have to check out their site! Thanks for the tip! Blogger is amazing!

  2. must post the finished product of your nail polish rack!

    I'm a catch up on DVR while doing my nails kind of girl myself. Still haven't mastered painting my left hand perfectly, pretty sure I hold my breath the entire time. I'm either gonna pass out or have okay looking left hand nails!

    1. I'll be sure to post the finished nail polish rack!

      I love doing my nails while watching DVR'd shows! Agreed about painting the opposite hand, it's hard!! I wonder how all the nail polish addicts do it so well!

  3. Awesome haul!! What kind of how-tos and tips are you looking for? I've got them all, baby! lol. My favorite indie brands are Hare Polish, Dollish Polish, CrowsToes, Candeo, A England, Pretty Serious and so on and so forth. My favorite non-indie brands are China Glaze, Essie, Orly, Sally Hansen, and Essence =) Have fun with your new polish! It's a dangerous addiction!

    1. I know...basically nothing, LOL. I do use a bottom (Orly rubberized bonder) and top coat (seche vite), apply at least 2 coats of polish, but that's about it. Nothing fancy! Not sure about tips! Give me all you've got! :)

      I really like Hare Polish, but I need to not go's much more expensive than wax can be (in total), LOL! I saw that KBShimmer was going to launch a new line tomorrow, and some of them looked AWESOME!!

  4. I love nail polish! I agree with the Hare Polish recommendation. Also check out Smitten Polish and Darling Diva!

    I own Party Grenade. I had a hard time getting the big red squares out so I was a little dissapointed.


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