Saturday, May 25, 2013

Review: Candles from the Keeping Room's Exotic Coconut BBW Type

It's almost summer, my least favorite season.
Too hot.
Sand. Meh.
Too many people, too many kids, to many life forms itching to interact.
HUMBUG, I say, humbug!! (*NOTE: I am not really an anti-social curmudgeon, I swear, but summer in San Diego has been rising about an average of 5-10 degrees in the past few years, so I am not a fan).

But summer also means parties and bonfires.
Wonderful sunsets. Photographs. Memories.
In the spirit of summer, I decided on something tropical. Exotic Coconut BBW Type from Candles from the Keeping Room is a very nice coconut-y scent with hints of perfume-e-ness. I have smelled the lotion in this scent at the Bath & Body Works store, but have never purchased it. This is strikingly similar to that scent! Carol doesn't mess around when she dupes scents! The coconut is the sweet type, not overly buttery; the others notes I picked up in this scent were musk (I'm assuming the perfume note is from the musk) and possibly sandalwood? Without the coconut but add vanilla, it would have smelled like Tiffany Candles' Vanilla Sandalwood. I enjoyed this and would repurchase it. I melted this in the bedroom, which is a pretty large space, and it lasted about 6 hours. If you like dupes, try this one!

Candles from the Keeping Room's Exotic Coconut BBW Type
Cold Rating6/10; slight coconut-y sweetness mixed with an exotic undertone; also a bit perfumey.
Lit Rating6.5/10; great scent, it livened up an otherwise boring day!
Throw Rating5.5/10; the throw was decent, but I wish it had been stronger. I could only smell this in the bedroom, not in the hallway, not anywhere else. Average + .5!
Overall Rating: 6/10; might need the lotion in this? Not available? Boo. Summer's coming, time for tropical scents! Overstocking shelves with tropical scents, having no fall/winter scents. Decent, will repurchase! PS: MOON MAN TARTS!!!

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  1. Love me some coconut scents. I bought Coconut Macaroon from Walmart this morning, just on a whim. Saw it, sniffed it, into the cart it went.



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