Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wax Review: May 17-19

First off, I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband Josh! YAY! His birthday was yesterday, and we had a really nice day. :)

Also, I'd like to say hello and good Monday mornin' to all my waxy friends! Let's get into my weekend melts!
First up, I melted Heavenleigh Apothecary's Lemon Curd in the bedroom. This. Was. The. Best. Lemon. Scent. EVER (??). It was just brilliant, a bright lemon, not cleaner, not bakery, just LEMONS! It was insanely strong and made the house AND my clothes smell like lemon curd for about a day after we had turned this off. It lasted over 12 hours! On cold sniff, 7.5/10. While warming, 10/10. The throw was a 10/10, too, for a total of 9/10. JUST WOW! I would repurchase this forever!
For Friday's nighttime melt, I decided on Apple Cream Lavender from Candles from the Keeping Room. I requested it as a sample in one of my orders because I heard tons of people talking about how it was a fantastic bedroom scent. This was a nice mix of apple(ish) and lavender with a hint of some form of creaminess, but it was light. In fact, I left the room and came back and barely smelled a thing. On cold sniff, 5/10, and while warming, the same, 5/10. The throw was a 4/10, for a total of 4.5/10. I don't know if I'd repurchase this one, but I reckon it lasted about 4 hours.
The next morning, and keeping with the lemon theme, Josh chose Haley's Heavenly Scents' Iced Lemon Cookies. I got this in SarahFace87's round robin. We were both unimpressed with this, there was barely any lemon! The cookie note was too buttery for my liking. The throw was decent, but I tossed this out after it had melted all the way. I just didn't like it. On cold sniff, 6/10. While warming, it bumped down to a 3.5/10. The throw was a 5/10, for a total of 4.5/10, rounded slightly down. I would not purchase this.
Noticing a theme? While the Haley's scent shot was going in the bedroom, I figured, why not go all-out lemon? Put 2 cruller tarts of Hey Sugar from Candles from the Keeping Room in the kitchen. This had a decent strength, but not as strong as the Lemon Curd discussed above. Also, this lemon was more of a cleaner lemon with wisps of pie crust/bakery melded in between. It was nice, but not sure if I exactly liked it, if that makes any sense?? No?? Oh well! On cold sniff, 6/10, and while warming, 5/10. The throw was a 6/10 also, for a total of 5.75/10, slightly rounded up, but not much because it does deserve credit. I wouldn't repurchase this, but want it to go to a better home, so I may destash it, if someone wants it. (Also, I will have a destash box ready soon, so keep your eyes peeled!)
In the bedroom, I melted 4 fortune cookies from Lil' Kitchen Candles in Apple Cinnamon. I think it was a bad day for cinnamon scents and my nose because I did not like this at all. I don't feel right giving this a proper review, so I am including photos, but not a review. This had a balanced apple and cinnamon scent, and since I have 4 more, I will review these later! Keep in mind, Lil' Kitchen Candles is closing down.
In our spare bathroom at the same time, I melted Streetman Candle Co.'s Strawberry Rhubarb/Morning Sunrise from the Simply Sensational Sampler. This was just lovely! The strawberry and rhubarb mixed well together, and I have no idea what's in Morning Sunrise, but it was a great addition! On cold sniff, 6.5/10. While warming, 7/10. The throw was about a 6/10, for a total of 6.5/10, and I would repurchase this blend! It lasted in my Scentsy bathroom warmer all night. I don't think I'll melt non-Scentsy wax in that warmer again, though, it was a pain the the butt to get out of there!
After the cinnamon apple blend weirdness, I needed something bright and cherry to melt! So, I decided on a Snap Stick from Streetman Candle Co. in Fun in the Sun! This really was a great summertime scent, filled with fruit and general happiness. On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 6/10. The throw was a 7.5/10, for a total of 7/10, rounded up slightly. Loved this, it lasted about 5 hours, and I'd repurchase it!
After Hey Sugar was done, I melted Tiffany Candles Lemon Grass in the kitchen. WOW, who knew this scent would be so awesome!? I would have never thought I'd like a lemon grass scent because I'm not a huge fan of it in food, but this was great. Bright, citrusy yet earthy, sort of "dirty" (in a good way!), a great kitchen scent that lasted the rest of that day until I turned off the warmer. On cold sniff, 7/10. While warming, 7.5/10, .5+ for the surprise factor. The throw was 7.5/10, too, for a total of 7.5/10! Greatness and a repurchase!
Saturday's nighttime melt was Serendipity Peppermint from The Scented Princess. I love Dawn's stuff, it's just great, and she allows you to come up with your own blends! I tried this, and while it was strange, I sort of liked it. It was strong, too! On cold sniff, 6/10, while warming, 6.5/10. The throw was a 7.5/10, for a total of 6.75/10, slightly rounded up. I would repurchase this, but with pink sugar next time (SUGAR MINT SERENDIPITY FTW), since that's my favorite scent from TSP.
Forgot to show you the cute design I got on my box from Candles from the Keeping Room! LOVE IT!
Sunday morning we melted Faith, Hope and Love from Rosegirls. Josh picked this one, and while he loved it, I just couldn't get into it. Something in here didn't agree with me; it smelled like grape and bubbly and something floral. I didn't like it, and even he agreed that on warm throw, something changed in the composition of this tart (DAVID). On cold sniff, 5.5/10, while warming, 4/10. The throw was insanely strong, 8/10, for a total of 5.5/10, slightly rounded down. I wouldn't get this again, and I only melted it an hour, though it would have gone on all day, I'm sure.

That's all for the weekend, after we tossed the Rosegirls chunk, there wasn't much else because it was Josh's birthday. Anyways, have a fabulous weekend, my waxy friends, and happy melting! :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your hubby!
    Those fortune cookie melts are so so realistic. I love this post--it's exactly what I use when I'm undecided about a scent that caught my eye. I love being able to come back to your page and search, find and get an amazing review!!

    1. He says thank you! :)
      I know, I am such a sucker for cool/cute/different wax shapes! It's nice knowing someone is out there reading my blog and can reference it in their wax-travels(there's a bunch of us in this waxy community doing a great job, I'm glad you've started to do it, too!). :D

  2. Great post Lauren! I too go on lemon kicks quite often, I have a whole drawer devoted to them! OMG I loooooooove Hey Sugar! I know you mentioned a destash, but if you're ever interested in a swap let me know! Oh & happy birthday to the hubby!

    1. Thank you, Dana! I would love to swap a some point when I get my wax all nice and organized! Thanks for the birthday wishes, Josh says thanks! :)

  3. Happy birthday to the hubby! Great melts!! OMG I neeeeeeeed Lemon Curd from Heavenleigh Apothecary! NEED, I say! That's a bummer Faith, Hope, Love didn't work out for you, I've been looking forward to trying that one.

    1. Josh says many thanks! You NEED lemon curd, it's ridiculously amazing! Apparently she's working on clamshells that don't product a smell when you pour into them, woohoo!! I'm sure others would LOVE Faith, Hope & Love, it's just not for me! Something about it was strange to my nose!

  4. Happy Birthday to Josh!!! :)

    Those fortune cookie tarts are cute!


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