Saturday, May 11, 2013

Review: Candles From The Keeping Room's Cinnamon Indian Bread

...okay, I figured out what it is.
I am trying to get rid of some CFTKR scents to make room for the order I placed on May 2 (my self-given birthday present).
Yeah, I got "some" stuff.
As you may very well know, as it has been thoroughly documented in this blog, I am not big into "bread" scents. Bread scents seem to generally be very wet/moist-smelling, someone once described them as smelling of "tortilla chips," which I find ridiculously accurate. Zucchini bread scents can also smell like cigarette ashes under some circumstances. BLECH.

When I got a sample of Cinnamon Indian Bread from Candles From The Keeping Room a couple of months ago, I thought, "oh, this sounds sweet, let's give it a try!"
...and then it sat. For a long time. And then it sat some more. Things kept piling up that I'd rather melt. I felt bad for these little toasts because they were so cute. On cold sniff, they smelled like nice sweet breads.

Well, the other day, it was their time. They were the chosen ones. These toasts has met their maker...
...and I can't say this was my thing, either.
Granted, this was better than zucchini bread, but not by much. I'm still not a fan of bread. The cinnamon note in this was paired nicely with the sweetness of the Indian bread, but...something always hinders me from enjoying these yeasty delicacies.
Most of you ladies and gents who LIKE bread scents would definitely dig Carol's Indian bread's different from zucchini in that it's much sweeter. This had a good throw, so I'm sure the other fragrances do, too, it's just not my cuppa, so I wouldn't repurchase, but you might love it!


Candles From The Keeping Room's Cinnamon Indian Bread
Cold Rating5.5/10; cinnamon and the sweetness of the Indian bread pair nicely together. I've noticed Carol uses both sweet cinnamon AND regular cinnamon in her wax, and this is definitely the sweet type (but I usually prefer her more straight baking cinnamon).
Lit Rating4/10; better than most bread scents I've smelled, but that's not saying much.
Throw Rating6.5/10; definitely had a nice throw; I melted this in the kitchen and it lingered throughout the house (but didn't go into the back bedroom).
Overall Rating: 5/10; slightly rounded down. Love of bread overshadowed for disdain for wax-bread. Still searching for the perfect bread scent I actually enjoy. Sweet cinnamon < baking cinnamon. Others would enjoy this.


  1. Happy Birthday (belated i think) Lauren! Your reviews are awesome. I have some bready scents coming, I hope there are no cigarette ash smells coming my way--blech! :)

    1. Thank you very much on all fronts! I'm sure you will like the bread stuff you got, I'm just a weirdo, lol! :)

  2. I love CFTKR's Indian Bread scents! So good. Ohhhhhh...can't wait to see what you bought on March 2nd. Hope you post the haul. :)

    1. I knew you liked the Indian Bread, that's why I tried it and didn't give it away...but alas, no dice! :)

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