Thursday, May 16, 2013

Review: Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax's Cinnamon Vanilla

Ahoy, waxy friends! Another weekend has almost come and gone, and I want to say HAPPY (belated) MOTHER'S DAY not only to my mother, but to all the mother's out there reading my bloggy-blog. Hope you had a fun weekend celebrating you! Sorry this post is late, Josh and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary! Now, let's get into a review, shall we?! :)
I melted Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confection's in Wax's Cinnamon Vanilla the other day. This was a very nice scent, though it was a sweeter cinnamon than I like. In my opinion, as I've stated in the past, there is a heartier type of cinnamon and then a sweet type...this definitely had that sweetness, which can go either positively or negatively, depending on your scent-mood. This also had an underlying note I did not much care for, perhaps something bready or bakery? Needless to say, it was nice and I did enjoy it. It lasted only about 3-3.5 hours, and I might repurchase it in a blend with vanilla bean noel or something creamier! Don't let my reviews EVER deter you from discovering something on your own, it's also been documented that I'm sort of nuts. :)

Jaimie Lauren Cupcakery and Confections in Wax's Cinnamon Vanilla
Cold Rating6/10; nice on cold sniff, but nothing too strong. Medium, I'd say. Everything about this was just fine!
Lit Rating6/10; minus the fact that this is sweet cinnamon and has a stranger undertone, I enjoyed this! Might be good mixed with either vanilla bean noel or Nana's Kitchen/another cinnamon type of scent.
Throw Rating6/10; could smell this into the bathroom, but not past there. Didn't stick around too long, lasted just around 3-3.5 hours only.
Overall Rating: 6/10; Sweet cinnamon mixed with creamy vanilla. Medium-ish scent throw in bedroom. strange undertone threw me off from liking this more. Would have liked to see this scent last longer in my warmer!


  1. I have Jaimie Lauren in my vendors to try folder. Now only if they'd open back up! Happy belated Anniversary Lauren!

    1. She got SWAMPED last month when she did an Autism Awareness sale! She just started on the orders from that sale and will be getting them out by the end of the summer. She raised about $1800 for Autism awareness, though. She will reopen when she's done! :)

  2. Cinnamon Vanilla sounds like something I'd be all over. Wonder what the odd note was, and if I'd be ok with it.

    I have not ordered from this vendor. There are a handful of vendors with similar names that I'm always mixing up in my head, so I can never remember which had good reviews and which didn't. *sigh*


    1. JLCCW has a reputation for very great scent throw, as well as unique scents and blends, but she did get swamped during her Autism Awareness sale, so she's closed for quite a while. :(


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