Saturday, May 24, 2014

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #9: Beezy Tarts' Lavender Sugar Cookie

This week seems to be all about unusual pairs in wax, things that you wouldn't necessarily associate with one another. And I like it. I LIKE IT A LOT.
Beezy-Tarts' Lavender Sugar Cookie
Cold Rating7.5/10
Lit Rating: 8/10
Throw Rating7.5/10
Overall Rating7.5/10; Beezy's amazing sugar cookie scent mixed with a light floral lavender. Fantastic mix of another two scents that wouldn't necessarily be good together (or good together from every vendor in general). Beezy is the MAN! Good throw, solid performance. Purple is the greatest color. Cute picture on the label. Beezy doesn't restock too often. Needing unlimited supplies of Beezy. NOT CHRIS BROWN (ugh he's the worst). Lavender fields. Crabtree & Evelyn. Malls = annoying teenagers and too much cheese. Moving stairs = 'MURICA. Backwards hats. Lost focus.

1 comment:

  1. Heyyyyy.....the freebie in the last Melting Fairy box was a lavender sugar cookie blend. I have not melted it yet.

    You're right, purple is the greatest color. Skol Vikings!!! =)



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