Sunday, November 23, 2014

Haul AND Reviews: One Little Indian Scents Haul #1!

MORE NEW VENDORS! Woot! I heard about One Little Indian Scents on a Facebook wax group somewhere. Alisha, the owner of One Little Indian Scents, was advertising her newly opened Facebook group, so I joined and figured I'd get in on her grand opening. She has been testing her wax for a while, if I'm not mistaken. Let's see what I grabbed! There's not much because there was an overwhelming amount of bakery types of scents in her first restock. She does have some unique combinations!
Neat business card. Plus, my order came with a little lifesaver candy. Yum!
The business card, candy and my free sample were all in this cute envelope. I like the presentation of this.
I got one free sample in the form of a rather large bar of wax in the scent Berry Coconut Cream Pie, which I have already melted. I let this cure about a month and unfortunately, this scent wasn't that strong. The only thing I could smell was a faint berry scent underneath a blanket of coconut cream pie. Well, mostly pie. Whatever that coconut cream pie was, the 4/10 throw, it smelled like butter in the bathroom. It didn't linger too far out of there, though. I wouldn't purchase this scent for myself. Maybe I should have waited longer to melt this. 4/10.
Pink Slip: This is one pink slip you will want to get! Pink Chiffon, Pink Sugar, and a turn down of Vanilla Bean Noel. Even if you don't like Pink Sugar you might just enjoy this!
Pink Slip smells amazing. I love pink chiffon in both perfume and wax. And who can go wrong with pink sugar and VBN!? This smells super sweetly perfumey on cold sniff with a hint of creaminess from the VBN. Looking forward to melting this one.
Moon Dance: Rich Amber is the base for this dark but delightful scent! Sweet Cinnamon Sugar, and a hint of heady smoke adds a bit of romantic fall flair.
Moon Dance is interesting. There was a sweetness to this, but the amber note was definitely the star here. It's a richly intoxicating scent, though not as strong as I'd like it to be. Though it was only about a 6/10 all around, it lasted from 3pm one afternoon well into the next morning with a lingering scent. Nice. 6/10.
Cheerwine Fizz: This is a wonderful Cherry Soda drink yet not quite like a Cherry Cola, Cheerwine is indeed heavier on the Cherry. I blended this with just a hint of Fizzy for good measure. If you happen to live in an area that Cheerwine is sold rejoice! You can now have this yummy treat in scent form.
My mom's husband and his family loves Cheerwine, so I have been lucky enough to try it a couple times. It's delicious! It has a very distinct scent and flavor, super cherry cola, syrupy and sweet. Cheerwine Fizz here was sweet with a lots of fizziness, too. This one was stronger, and in my 24W hot plate lasted about 4 hours. I might repurchase this. 6/10.
Rosemary Mint Noel: A wonderful semi-spa blend. Rosemary paired with mint springs and a smidgen of other aromatic herbs. Vanilla Bean Noel is added in moderation to tone it down and add a bit of creamy inviting charm.
The rosemary here is suuuuper herbal, but without that usually cloyingly strong throw to back it up. The mint is sweeter to me and pretty much gets overpowered by the VBN. I pretty much got the same mediumish throw from this. I started melting it at 6pm and though it did last until the morning, it smelled like rosemary plus wax when I woke up. I did like this one a lot and it smelled nice on cold and warm throw. 6.5/10.
Serendipity Buttercream: Serendipitious! A delectable blend of Serendipity and creamy buttercream. This one makes me drool.
What could be better than sweet serendipity mixed with luscious buttercream? This scent smells really good on cold sniff. Can't wait to melt this!
Smoke on The Water: I tried to create a blend here that would capture the essence of a bonfire on the beach on a breezy summers night. The salty wind from the sea paired with the ever calming familiar scent of a bonfire.
Seas and bonfires, ahhh, what a picturesque scent in my mind. Smoke on the Water was okay, but I didn't get much of a distinction between this and any of the other bonfire, beachy sea scents. This was nice, but not great. 5.5/10.
Sugar Skulls: This Day of the Dead tradition lives on. Sugary Fruit Loops, Meringue, and a hint of Pink Sugar for good measure. These colorful candy skulls are sure to delight! 
Sugar Skulls was my favorite scent of the bunch. This one was SO GOOD! Pink sugar, extra sweetness, fruit loops, it was drippingly sweet and I loved it. Plus, the throw was much higher than the others and lasted about 8 hours. Loved, definite repurchase. 7.5/10.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about ordering from this vendor again. While I like the presentation, there were just too many scents I wasn't interested in purchasing (but many others would love her blends, they just weren't for me) and I had varied throws and strengths with her wax's performances. Most of it was pretty good, but there were a couple of concerns. Who knows, only time will tell!

Will you order or have you ordered from One Little Indian Scents?


  1. I have not tried One Little Indian Scents. It looks like great effort was put into the blends and coming up with a bit of uniqueness in a pretty saturated market - I love that!
    Now where can I get my hands on this cheerwine - the real stuff.

    1. She did come up with some pretty interesting blends for sure, some scents I have never seen, too! Cheerwine I know you can get a BevMo, at least the ones in Carmel Mountain, Point Loma and Mira Mesa! :)

  2. Awesome haul and review! Pink Sugar Skulls and Pink Slip and Moon Dance caught my attention. I hope the rest throws well for you!

    1. Thank you, m'lady! I am looking forward to buying from her one more time to see if anything has better results/different anything in the next purchase. Sugar Skulls was worth trying for sure!

  3. This vendor has completely slipped through my radar, I had no idea they existed! It seems like she has some pretty unique scents for sure, Moon Dance and Cheerwine Fizz definitely caught my eye. I am not doing much bakery these days though. I think I'll keep my eyes peeled and see if I might want to try her out one of these days =) Is she RTS or does it take a bit to get your order?

    1. She has only opened twice so far. She might reopen one more time, so try and get in on that opening, if you want! She has set openings with RTS, if I'm not mistaken. Cheerwine Fizz was pretty nice and new. I have never been a huge bakery fan, but I am surprised to hear you say you're not into it a lot anymore! :O

  4. I've never heard of this vendor but then again, I haven't been looking either. I think if that one was throwing after a month of cure time, it's not going to throw. But you know me, a cure-time atheist. =P


    1. I LOL'ed at "Cure time atheist," hahaha! That's a great phrase! I agree about a month cure time, that's probably as much as it needs (shocking coming from me, huh?!). I am less and less patient is all it is. ;)


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