Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Random Picture Post: Non-Waxy Photos From the Last Few Weeks #12!

Along with tons of waxy photos, I have also been accumulating random photos to share with y'all! Here are some of the things I have been doing/making/being/seeing the last few weeks!
SURGE IS BACK!!! Are you a child of the 90's? Chances are, you remember Surge (AKA: the original energy drink, lol). Amazon has brought it back and I jumped at the chance to get some a couple months ago. It tastes just as I remember it tasting!
A wonderful friend of mine went to the Rosegirls brick and mortar store and asked if I wanted anything. I was able to get a couple of small little pies in the scents Pink Spearmint Snow Taffy (AMAZEBALLS), Marshmallow Bonfire Bliss (incredible on cold sniff) and Cinnamon Bayberry (so, so Christmas-y!). Thanks to my fab friend, you know who you are! :)
The sunset one night...I will never, ever tire of stepping outside and seeing this on any given evening. <3
One of my new favorite polishes! Seriously, it's so amazing. It's a gold holo from KBShimmer called Goldie Rocks. Apparently it's being discontinued, so BUY ALL THE BOTTLES!
Since the weather has been cooler (minus last week when it was 80-90 degrees every day), I have been in a cooking/baking mood more than usual. I tried my hand at Julie's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, hoping Josh would like them. I don't toot my own horn very often, but these cookies were damn delicious! Josh and I LOVED them, and our niece, nephew, and my brother-in-law liked them, too!
Finally got around to using the pizza sauce packet I got from a Streetman Company Store sampler. We added a can of tomatoes to a jar of fat free pizza sauce, plus the pizza sauce packet (we accidentally used the entire thing, LOL), and made a "deep dish" pizza (by deep dish, I mean we just cooked it in a cast iron skillet instead of rolling it flat). It was SO delicious.
My pumpkin this year!
My niece's pumpkin!
Josh's pumpkin!
Awwwww, he thinks he's hoomanz.
Each year, my mom and her husband go to Primm so he can golf. She always hits up the Coach outlet store while she's there. I asked her to see if they had any cheetah or zebra print items for me, and she brought me back this clutch! I have a really simple purse, it's an over-the-shoulder messenger type of purse with peace signs all over it. It's many years old and I hate taking it with me on little trips to the store and what not. This clutch is SO perfect and so very me. Thanks, mama!
We have discovered bread pudding. Lord, help us now. The place down the street from our house makes an amazing bread pudding with Jameson whiskey sauce. We're about due for our monthly piece, I'd say...*drool*
I had a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning the dishes, but they got thrown out on accident. I asked Josh if we had any other gloves one day, and this is what he brought me. They match my shirt.
Apparently, Josh's phone auto-corrected "plane crash" to "plain crash." I don't know if I believe him.
Though this photo is from September, WHAT IS RAIN????
It's almost Thanksgiving! YAY! I put away all my spring and summer candles and decorations and brought out all my fall and winter ones. TOM THE TURKEY MAKES HIS REEMERGENCE!!
A small portion of a waxident I had a month ago...I kid you not, folks, this stuff got all over the counter. At least it was Lasting Scent Candles wax and it was soft enough to scrape up...for the most part. Unfortunately, a week later, I had an even bigger waxident that got all over the cupboard, the floor, the cabinet, the toilet/seat/bottom of the bowl, the glass shower, my pants, my shirt, my shoes...oh my god, it was horrific, but also LSC wax, so soft, but bright red, so it looked like something out of CSI. I am much more careful now.

Have a good rest of the week! <3


  1. I love that photo of you. You are beautiful with the cutest expressions on your face! Bread pudding sounds delicious.

    Yay for Tom! So excited winter goodies are coming out. I need to start melting my fall candles.

    Hi Freddo!!!!

    1. Awwww, thank you, J! *blush* Oh yeah, that bread pudding is amazing. Tom!! He is on the mantle right now! :)

      Freddo says haaaaai!!

  2. What the heck is happening in that last photo???? eeeek!
    Love your new clutch... totally cute!! As are you :)
    Please invite me over next time you make pizza.

    1. HAHA! We were driving home from Big Bear and this truck getting towed ended up in front of us. It made an awesome picture! ;)

      The clutch is so cool, I am loving it. I just need to get a smaller wallet now, lol! And thank you! I will invite you over next time! :)

  3. I'm so glad I just read your explanation in Lynda's comment. My heart was beating a little too fast for my liking there for a minute.
    I love these posts so much. I love the rain and sunset pics. I love seeing cute pictures of you. I love your humor. I just love it all!

    1. It made us nervous coming down the freeway and seeing that, lol! Thank goodness Josh is a genius and grabbed my phone to take a picture. :)

      I am glad you like these posts, it breaks up the waxiness, which is good, but also gives people an inside look into how crazy I am. ;) Thank you, my friend! <3


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