Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wickless Wednesday: Another Trader Joe's Haul!

These haul posts are well received, which makes me happy to share my groceries! This time, I tried to do a little placement of my photos instead of stopping half way during the un-bagging process to take pictures of our food (which I have done in the past, in case ya hadn't noticed). Enjoy these foods!
This is a repurchase (and has already been opened), but this is the definition of a 10/10 product. Do you like caramel? Do you think it should be paired with salt? Well, mosey your butt down to Trader Joe's and GET. THIS. SAUCE. It is so good. It is good on ice cream and good by the spoonful (oops, did I say that?). Yum! Read some other reviews here.
This was an impulse purchase, but an excellent one at that. Pumpkin plus caramel? Uhhhh, YEAH! It is good, but I still prefer the salted caramel sauce. I have had this on ice cream and in my coffee for an extra decadent treat. Delish and spicy and sweet. Hits the spot!
Sweet onions are the only onions we seem to buy. These puppies don't last very long in this house since we love them and use them in everything. This isn't so exciting, but there you have it.
Garlic! From 'Merica!
Granny smith apples are also our favorite. Tart, tangy, no sweetness, great in baked goods, etc. Nothing wonderful here, but good, nonetheless.
We are fans of buying block cheese and grating it ourselves, so that's typically what we do. Plus, we can also get extra sharp cheddar from TJ's, and anything extra sharp or extra extra is okay in my book. And look, Wisconsin! DEB!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feta, or as other people call it, Feet cheese. My favorite. I add it to my eggs, my pizza, anything I can. It's so good. Haters gonna hate. (Also pictured in the background: BEEF!)
A thousand times a repurchase. TJ's Spiced Cider is outstanding and even better with Fireball whiskey or spiced rum. Ohh yeah. I may have blogged about this before and rightfully so because it deserves all the praise in the world. Spicy, fruity, full-bodied, warming...please run, don't walk, to get some of this if you have TJ's by your abode!
You just can't go wrong with chocolate milk. So good. Midnight Moo is another staple we try to have in the house for both milk and ice cream. Wow, I'm making it seem like we eat a lot of ice cream when we don't, LOL.
What kind of milk do you buy? We have been 2% fans forever with the occasional indulgence in whole milk if we need it for recipes (maaaaaybe once a year). We also always have half and half for coffee and also recipes. The 100% Honey Crisp Apple Cider is absolutely incredible. It's waaaaaay better than regular apple juice and we may have 3 extra bottles in the cupboard in case Trader Joe's runs out of them or yanks them from the shelves (which they have been known to do). Read about da juice here and here.
Repurchase! Their Vanilla & Cinnamon black tea is another awesome product. Right around October, I become a tea fiend. This is sweet without being overly so, spicy and delicious. TRY THIS if you love tea! As opposed to other teas with cinnamon, this is less like a chai and more of a simple cinnamon flavor. Read about it here and here.
Another excellent tea, especially right before bed since it's decaf. The candy cane isn't a straight-up peppermint, so again, there is a bit of sweetness here. Plus, A POLAR BEAR! Read more about this tea here, here, and here. Excellent with milk, or milk and honey, or agave, or plain!
How can you go wrong with gingerbread cookies?! The icing kicks them up a notch. It also feels like there are bigger pieces of ginger in here, which Josh and I both loved and welcomed. Unfortunately, we left the door to our bedroom opened one evening and the box was where the dog could reach...and dog got into the box...and well, you know, dog stuff. He straight tore a hole in the middle of the damn thing! He's never done anything like that before, so we were a bit perplexed. I guess it's a sign that they are good? We had to throw the rest away, obviously, but no worries, they have been replace. ;)
These little dark chocolate mint stars are so good. They are really small, so you can eat a dozen and not feel bad. The sprinkles make them even better. Repurchase!
Pita Bite Crackers? Excellent for snacking and partying. Though we have never had them so I am assuming. They look freaking awesome. After writing this, I decided to have some for lunch. They taste exactly like pita bread, but in cracker form. Yum! We had them with some ham and cheese, but they are good on their own. Would be great with hummus or any other dip.

Lastly, we have Fleur De Sel, which is for a recipe, but apparently amazing and small flakes and stuff? We have more kinds of salt than is socially acceptable, so add this to the pile. Have you tried this salt? Let me know how you like it/what you use it for! I am thinking of making my own salted caramel sauce when our jar is empty.

Happy hump day (UGH I HATE THAT SAYING), y'all! And in case I don't put up an update tomorrow, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. What awesome finds! You make me wish we had a TJ. I am interested in your salt. Are the flakes thin yet large? That is what I am looking for, for candies. Yum. I only buy sweet onions too, Vidalia if I can get them. Plain white onions? Nah. You know what adore in plain vanilla icecream??? Tons of maraschino cherries and juice from the jar. Mmmmzz.


    1. Ice cream with cherries and juice!? OH YUM!! I woulda never heard of that! Sounds sweet and delicious. The flakes of the salt ate larger and thin, sort of! Vidalia onions are so good.

  2. Well done on the Wisconsin cheese! My hubby likes the extra sharp too. I'm not much of a cheese fan. Blasphemy, I know, coming from Wisconsin.

    I do love hauls, whatever they might be. Someday maybe I'll do a grocery haul. But mine truly would be boring. Truly.


    1. You...You're. ...You're not much of a cheese fan???????!! *jawdrop*

      I would love to see your grocery haul one day!!


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