Monday, November 24, 2014

Subscription Box Corner: October 2014 Treatsie Box Review!

I'm back with my October Treatsie box, just a month late this time! *smdh* As I mentioned in previous posts, I really like this box and look forward to its arrival on my front doorstep. Now that the hotter months are out of the way (???), Treatsie has resume sending their special packages in small flat rate envelope, which works out well and we have not had any broken products yet (cross young fingers). Let's get into it!
As always, each Treatsie box comes wrapped in nice Tiffany blue tissue paper, some shredded paper hay type of stuff and this little card which gives the value of its contents and a description of each item.
Last year for Josh's birthday, I bought him some Wondermade marshmallows and we really liked them! I was surprised to see them again in this box. The Apple Cinnamon flavor was subtle enough to not overpower the marshmallow texture and sweetness, but bold enough that you knew it was there. Delish! There were a ton of mallows in the bag in the box. I would repurchase these. 4/5.
We had never heard of Whimsical Candy before this box and now I'm sorry I learned of their existence because I WANT ALL THE CANDIES. This was a dark chocolate dipped sea salted caramel ribboned nougat and boooooy was it amazing. The saltiness cut through its uber sweetness, and the nougat had a really inviting and soft chew to it. YUM. I want to buy more of these, but won't because I'm "good." *browses website* 5/5.
Do you like ribbon candy but hate how large they are? The Papabubble candies were like teeny tiny ribbon candies...
...With adorable edible prints of each piece's fruit flavor! Seriously, these were addictive and the first thing to go from the box. There were apples, pears, kiwi, orange, strawberry, coconut, lime, lemon, pink grapefruit, a wonderful melange of fruits! Browsing this site is dangerous, too, but I think I will end up buying Josh come candy from this place for Christmas since we liked them so much. These are pretty hard, so eat with caution if you buy some and have dental troubles. 4.5/5.
I also got a Papabubble Halloween mix (the strawberry and orange from the first pack, plus blueberry and vanilla ones) in this Treatsie box, too. I liked this one a lot less since one of the flavors was blueberry, Blech. There's nothing like going for something orange and getting blueberry instead, Nast. One package of these was enough and I would have liked for there to be a different product in the box instead of two of these. 3.5/5.
As a special treat, this box included two individually wrapped caramels in both apple cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Both were really good! It doesn't get much better than fresh caramels! 4/5.

Have to tried the Treatsie box? Any of these products catch your eye? Let me know!


  1. I'm getting more and more interested in this program. I know I looked at the site after your other post about it, but I think I need to go back and seriously consider signing up.


    1. I am glad you signed up and hope you won't be disappointed! They have a wide variety of treats. I hope they let us pick and choose based on what we like in the not too distant future!

  2. Lauren!!! Those tiny ribbon candies!!!!!

    Ok. At Ma's house (my grandpa built her a house with his own hands and added cool old timey touches) she has tiny vertical shelving that holds individual canning jars. Visualize one mason jar stacked on top of another from the floor to the ceiling. Anyway, all the jars hold something, dried beans, preserves, canned veggies, but one, right at my eye level, always held these guys. And the tiny pictures on the candy always fascinated me. Over time, they tended to clump together, so I would have to work some off the mother glob to enjoy them. Now all the jars are gone and there are just empty mason jar seats :-( I am going to get these to gift her this year. Thank you for sharing!!!

    1. That sounds like a wonderful gift! What a cool story! :)


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