Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Subscription Box Corner: November 2014 Treatsie Box Review!

AHAHAHA! You thought I was going to wait until January to get my November Treatsie box post up online! WELL THINK AGAIN!!! Here it is, and it's a good one!
As always, the card with a description for each item in the box. This time around, there is a pre-black Friday special! YAY! Use the code PREBLACKFRIDAY for a discount!
The usual box and tissue paper combo!
In this box, I received 6 mini chocolate bars from Alcove in various different flavors. This is a brand I had never heard of and it turns out they are located in Los Angeles. Woot! This was excellent because I got one of each and Josh got one of each. Yay! Let's look close at these, shall we?
The Mimosa Dark Chocolate candy was delicious, simply put. There was definitely a burst of orange scent right as soon as I opened the package, and it was there when I bit into the bar, too. There was also a distinctly different note to this, something more light and bubbly, but not fizzy like a drink, if that makes sense. The orange and sweet liquor taste meshed very well together, and it only heightened its awesomeness because it was dark chocolate. Winner! 4.5/5.
How can you go wrong with dark chocolate and salt? The answer is: you can't. Though this was nothing unique, the Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate bar was tasty and a beautiful combination of flavors. Seriously, one of my favorites in the world, 4/5.
Not that the camera picked up on it, but the Red Velvet Milk Chocolate bar was a much darker red compared to the other 2 chocolates. Not that I needed it ti be red to know it was red velvet flavored, but it was a surprise to see! This was the best of the 3 bars and the biggest surprise. I LOVED this! It truly tasted like red velvet! I wish I had more of these right now to devour. Milky, sweet, surprising and delicious. 5/5.
Another fantastic addition to this box were two rather large pieces of nougat candies from Fixx Chocolates. These were called "chelle's," named after the maker's older sister who loves Snickers. These were amazing and soft and yummy! The inside was pillowy compared to other nougats I have tried in my life. One had cashews inside and one didn't. I favored the one without, Josh liked the one with the nuts inside the filling. Both of these candies were great. The caramel layer was thinner, but that's okay because they weren't too sweet and overfilled with goo. Tracking these down ASAP. 5/5.
A Megpie is basically a Pop-Tart made with flaky pastry instead of tough dough wrought with preservatives. The Cinnamon and Brown Sugar type of Megpie tasted exactly like a Cinnamon Brown Sugar Pop-Tart but even better because of its delicious crust. Ohhh man, so good. We opted not to warm them up, but could see them being good with a little bit of heat. The frosting was sweet, but not overpoweringly so. So good! 4.5/5.
The Blueberry Megpie also had frosting on it, only this time, it promptly got stuck to the wrapper as soon as we tried to open the package. Boo. There's nothing worse than paperfrosting. Regardless, this one was really good, too, even though we don't like blueberry! I think it being all natural really changed my perception of its taste because usually, blueberries taste so fake in stuff. They actually tasted delish here. Another great item for sharing! The sweet frosting combined nicely with the tarter middle and flaky pastry surrounding it. I might buy some of these for people for Christmas! 4/5.

Treatsie continues to surprise me with their excellent boxes. The last two have been much better than the first two boxes I received, and I am looking forward to getting the December box...hopefully there are some Christmas extras in there! ;)

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  1. Yum!! I am drooling looking at all this yummy goodness. You are making it so hard to resist! My sweet tooth is calling out.


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