Friday, November 14, 2014

Swift & Supersonically Snappy Short Review #41: Aunt Smellman's Frost Bit

November means cooler weather (except last week) and MINTS!!!!!
Frost Bit - Sweet minty freshness with a hint of vanilla bean.
Aunt Smellman's Frost Bit
Cold Rating6.5/10
Lit Rating: 4/10
Throw Rating: 5/10
Overall Rating5/10; sweet mint mixed with an even sweeter vanilla. Based on cold sniff, I expected something much more minty as opposed to something sweeter. Nothing to write home about, unfortunately. Medium throw. Melted this all night, but only had scent throw for the first 2 hours (when I woke up, it smelled like wax in the room). Minty scents always go in our bedroom. Never being satisfied with the amount of mint in a scent, even if it's straight peppermint...wanting to find the one thing that blows me out of the water. Never having a white Christmas. No frost nipping at my nose. Thinking of Frost Bit as something more menthol related. Aunt Smellman a mixed bag of amazing fruity scents but just okay other scents. Little tiny pieces of glitter in the wax warmer for weeks on end.


  1. I love sweet vanilla mint scents. They are my Christmas scent, even more than pine. Can't wait to start melting them! =)


    1. This would be a good scent for you! I also though you might enjoy VCS's Central Park Snow Globe, which is mint and vanilla bean noel and is very lovely! :)

  2. I hear ya on the distict lack of white Christmases! I just pray for a chilly Christmas. 50's - 60"s will do. MINTS!!! Loving the mints. Forever. It is kinda ironic as I don't have ENOUGH MINTS! I think that is the scent I need bucket loads of.

    1. Chilly will do just fine! MINTS!! My SMT order is over-saturated with mints! Yay! Any season, any day, any time. WOOHOO!! :) It's good to have a mint buddy!

  3. Oh you mint lovers you. I'm not nearly as enthusiastic but every time I read your descriptions I want to be so badly.
    I feel the same way about Aunt Smellman. A few very good ones but mostly I'm left with wanting more.
    I'm hoping we won't have a warm 70 degree Christmas this year :(

    1. Is there any particular reason why you think you're not a huge mint fan?

      It's good to know I'm not the only one who has had a mixed bag with Aunt Smellman. Some of her stuff is knock you off your butt strong, but others are quite underwhelming. :/

      UGH, I remember a couple of years ago when we had a dry, hot Christmas...that's just not right!


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