Saturday, May 9, 2015

Haul: Sugar and Spice Gourmet Soy Candles (Mostly) RTS Haul!

It has been quite a while since I have done a wax haul post, mainly because I have been melting like a madwoman and not really buying (LOL, within the last month, this is more of a "yeah right"). So, I figured, now is as good of a time as any to show you one of my first orders "back" into things! Shanna from Sugar and Spice Gourmet Soy Candles restocked some RTS scent shots the other day and I took this as an opportunity to replenish my stock from her. Shall we, then?
-Pink Peppermint Melt Crumbles (1 lb): this is the only non-RTS item in my order. I recently ran out of my bag of this scent from Shanna which I had purchased in 2013 (!!!) and was secretly hoarding until I could get some more RTS. With that accomplished, I happily melted my last little bits of that bag a week or two ago. This is a custom scent of pink sugar + peppermint and I absolutely love this version of it because it is insanely strong. If this bag is as good as the last one, it has replaced another vendor that I am no longer ordering from as the #1 pink peppermint in my book. Unlike serendipity, I could never get tired of my beloved pink peppermint. <3
-Strawberry Lemon Curd (2): when I saw this listed in Shanna's RTS list, I knew I needed 2 in case it was good. I mainly get her tangy, pungent lemon curd scent from this, but there is a bit more sweetness here than the melt a couple down from this one. What a great scent!
Strawberry Soda~delicious, bubbly, sugary strawberry accord intermingled with fruity notes of  raspberry and peaches sitting on base notes of  vanilla and musk
-Strawberry Soda: every once in a while, I get a weird hankerin' for a Strawberry Fanta. Weird, right?? Well, the strawberry in this sort of smells like that. It is definitely not an authentic strawberry. It's much more of a sweet, candy-like strawberry, but not in a bad or artificial way. There is a touch of fizziness to this melt as well, but it's not overwhelming. The musk listed is almost being picked up by my nose as well as a slightly floral note, but I have a hunch this will transform while melting.
Lemon Curd~Lemon Curd is a staple in afternoon English tea and is used as a delicate spread on finger cakes, sugar dusted scones, and tarts. Our rendition of this classic combines fresh, zesty lemons, warm vanilla extract and a hint of sugar blended with fresh cream.
-Lemon Curd: a repurchase for me from a scent I tried many moons ago. Shanna's lemon curd is my absolute favorite from any vendor. It is so authentic! A rich, bright, strong, tangy, in your face citrusy scent that is reminiscent of the lemon you'd find in a London Calling almost. So, so, so wonderful. A must have for citrus purists!
Down in the Islands~ sweet pineapple, acai berry, mango zest, tart passion fruit, yuzu zest, green apple, orchid leaves, and musky nuances.
-Down in the Islands: right off the bat, I get that tropical pineapple sweetness mingled with some other strong, pungent and slightly sharp note, which might be the yuzu, and it almost reminds me of a grapefruit scent. Zesty but still fruity, but I don't care for the sharpness in this one. The musk isn't as prominent here as it was above, and it makes me wonder if she changed her strawberry oil overall? This will be a "thick of summer" melt.
Pomegranate ~ sweet red fruit
-Pomegranate: I don't really have much experience with pomegranate as a fruit, but this sort of smells waxy. :( Almost like a cherry chapstick scent. I really don't like this one, unfortunately. I might mix it with some pink sugar or something, otherwise, I will save it if someone else wants it!
-Lemon Curd Rainbow Sherbet: Shanna makes one hell of a sherbet scent! I have melted other sherbet blends from her and find it perfect in comparison to the actual smell. The lemon curd is definitely the top note, but it dances around the rainbow sherbet scent delicately and perfectly, all topped off with a bit of creaminess. Mmmmm, it smells like a bowl of fresh ice cream. You HAVE to like fruit explosions to like this!
Serendipity Marshmallows ~*Sugar & Spice Exclusive Blend!* serendipity blended with marshmallow
-Serendipity Marshmallows: you know me, I loooove marshallow scents and I looooove serendipity! I outdid and overdid it with serendipity, though, so I got to a point where I stopped buying it. One melt can't hurt, right? This is SO strong! You get the gooey marshmallow mixed in the a coconut/cherry explosion from the serendipity...super delicious. I can't wait to melt this one.
-Violet & Birch: this one is really pretty. It's a very sweet and delicate flower with an almost perfumey note. I took a chance on this one for the bathroom and I feel it will be a 'half of a scent shot at different times' type of melt. Strong, though!
Peach Margarita~ Fresh and sweet succulent Peaches combined with sparkling notes of lime, lemon, and orange rinds makes this the perfect Party Drink!
-Peach Margarita: peach scents are usually not my jam, but when combined with margarita, this is quite nice! Very juicy and bubbly smelling. I do get a weird touch of something floraly, but it might just be there on cold sniff.
-Pineapple Serendipity: combining pineapple with coconutty serendipity is genius and I welcomed it with opened arms into my cart. This is now the ultimate tropical explosion! I love this scent and can't wait to melt it. Smells just like a wonderful drink. Mmmmm!!
Strawberry Milkshake~ A combination of vine ripened strawberries combined with notes of juicy orange and peach nectar
 -Strawberry Milkshake: Strawberry Milkshake sort of smells like a creamy strawberry mixed with the aforementioned pomegranate a little bit. I don't know if I get orange or peach as much as sweet and milky, but in a shake way, not a sour, curdled way. I like this one!
-Pineapple Coconut Cake: I didn't order this scent, so I wonder if Shanna sent this to me by accident since I also received the two mystery tarts below as my samples? Either way, this is quite lovely, too. A little cake-y, but not overly so or in a buttery, overwhelming way, and a good mix of pineapple and coconut. YUM!
-Mac Apple Fresh Cut Grass: another "where did this come from?" tart. Her mac apple scent is spot on and delicious, but as soon as I saw "fresh cut grass," I got turned off. I can't really smell anything over the apple, though, which I know I love from her, so I will melt this, but break it up between warmers.
-Mystery tarts (2): I both like and dislike that Shanna gives mystery tarts as samples. On the one hand, I like the idea of exploring and discovering new scents, but on the other, I hate not knowing what's in a scent specifically! GAH! I am torn! I like the one on the right, but the one on the left is not for me, so I will pass it along.
There's my latest S&S haul! I am mostly pleased, especially with the pink peppermint, ohhhhh yeah!!! Have you tried this company? Do you prefer RTS or custom orders? And how do YOU feel about mystery tarts?!


  1. I definitely prefer RTS vendors over custom, because I'm not into blending and have no patience for outrageous TATs.

    We got some of the same scents in our orders. =) I got two mystery tarts as well as another freebie so yeah, those were probably just extras for you. I'm the same with mystery tarts....they can be fun to figure out but you'll never be able to get it again so why bother.

    Glad to see a freakin' haul from you!!


    1. I am going to go in reverse order:

      1) I KNOW! I haven't done a haul in forever. I had my SMT and CFTKR photos from November and they got deleted from my DropBox folder on accident, so they were just gone. :(

      2) Agreed about the mystery scents. Sometimes, it's too damn hard to figure them out, so I just chuck them. Is that horrible?!

      3) RTS is my jam right now. My only gripe is mint blends, I gotta have them, the mintier the better! And custom orders are usually what takes care of those items. :)

  2. LOVE the haul! Apple and grass sounds too cool. I will have to write that one down. Also. Top notch pink peppermint?! YEZ! Shanna's wax really is something quite nice. Enjoy!!

    1. Her pink peppermint is excellent! At least it was in 2013! I hope it's the same as it was then. :D

      I will send you the apple grass one!! :D

  3. I'm jonesing for some of that lemon curd!! Next month it's on my must buy list! I'm way overdue for a custom order from Shanna!!

  4. Love your order, so many fresh and fruity scents! I am definitely putting Lemon Curd on my list and I am so intrigued by that Mac Apple Fresh Cut Grass! It's funny that I am reading this post on a night when I am considering getting myself a glass of Strawberry Fanta as well. Heehee, I think I will do it!


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